Benazir’s Theatrics

She is at least now loyal to her deal, but you could again throw mud at the cake by saying that she is loyal to the deal just because of Kursi. To help government control the anti-emergency protests, she is now in Islamabad. What a glee for President Musharraf, if Benazir succeeds to take the reigns of active opposition in her hands. That is what they call a ‘friendly opposition’.

All the genuine opposition is either exiled, in jails or is on the run. After clearing up the mess of real little resistance from PML-N and other small-time players, government introduced its own version of opposition in the form of Benazir and her Jiyalas, who are now putting-up a good show of getting arrested by the police and colliding with the armed forces eerily.

Benazir also doing what she could do to garb herself in an apparent anti-Musharraf attire and up till now, she is going finer than anybody could expect. She is nailing it right at the spot. She is visiting every place in the federal capital Islamabad with the police and the federal administration at her toes. Time to time, she also lets police beat her workers to add some more salt to the drama.

At one minutes, she visits the foreign delegations at the parliament house, and ensures them that she would land at the extremists like hell, and then she bolts to the nearby blue area to score some points in front of protesting journalists. Then she somersaults and orders her hapless Jiyalas to clear the erected barricades in the judges colony so that she could meet ousted Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary. This way she ensures that her workers get a solid spanking from the police, and she has some good reasons to howl more in front of the media and the poor people of Pakistan.

When she was watching her workers getting baton-charged by the Policemen, she didn’t even waste that moment and tried to please the West by saying,” They are not allowing me to see the chief justice where as no one is making effort to stop Maulana Fazlullah in Swat.” When she was satisfied that she had scored enough points for the day, she returned hastily to Zardari House. Then she went out to meet General Pervez Musharraf for further orders.

5 thoughts on “Benazir’s Theatrics”

  1. i pray that u all go to hell who dnt know shit abt bb nd start saying shit abt her . shes no more with us she gave her life for pakistan is there any one else willing to giv his life . all can just talk they cant do any thing in practical .

  2. Thats the plan, there was a void of an opposition leader. Our ‘aaqqaz’ feared that the mullaz will fill the void so they had to bring the b!tch back.

    I pray hard the she and her aqaaz fail miserably, Ameen.

    Long live Pakistan.

  3. Pakistani voters (seventy percent of whom live in rural areas) are more concerned with where their next meals are going to come from, and whether they will be able to pay “protection money” to the local S.H.O., and whether their daughters will be safe from the sons of their landlords. They have no choice but to vote for whoever their landlord tells them. So BB (and other politicians)know that the two hundred or so feudals in the rural areas have to be bought, if they’re to win the elections. The voters in the cities have already made up their minds. The guys who think Islam is in great danger will vote for the religious parties, those who think the PPP can solve Pakistan’s insoluble problems will vote for BB, etc.

  4. Right analysis. BB is still living in a Pakistan that she looted 10-11 years ago and ran away. She does not know a common person in Pakistan is much more aware and informed now a days.
    Both BB & Mush are actors..delivering the scripts handed over to them by their Lord writer in DC. These two , or any other ruler of our country, can not stand up to them as they have their ‘clean’ past maintained well in their ‘Lords’ database. 🙂


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