Benazir Bhutto killed in Rawalpindi Bomb Blast

Benazir Bhutto killed in rawalpindi bomb blast

Pakistan Peoples’ Party Chairperson Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto died in an alleged suicide bomb blast outside Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi. Benazir Bhutto was hit by snipper firing followed by a bomb blast when she was entering in her car after addressing a rally in Liaquat Baqh. She received injuries in head and throat. She was taken to hospital in unconscious condition and died while doctors tried to provide medical support.

PPP leaders Sherry Rehman and Naheed Khan are also injured.

This is a turning point in Pakistan’s political history and it will gravely impact the process of upcoming elections in Pakistan.

Image Credit: Arif Ali / AFP / Getty

20 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto killed in Rawalpindi Bomb Blast”

  1. she was a good leder in Pakistan, and she was last last Butto family, but bed thing is no buddy attack on woman, in muslim scoiety, inshahallah in future pakistan will go on good way if PPP come and join save to pakistan and pakistani people:
    i hope people can do this inshahallah

  2. Agree that she was a very good leader, but wat the hell are her party workers showing by burning cars? petrol pumps even hospitals and ambulances? If a party worker cant take care of your own assets and is doing everything to destroy them then who would want such a party to rule the country? i wudnt!

  3. this situation is really a tragic and horrible situation for pakistan. she was a very noble and devoted leader.but nobody can change ALLAH’s decision.this accident is what pakistan can never forget it will be tragic history of Pakistan.may ALLAH give Mr.asif zardari and his children mental peace and relaxation Amin….pray for ours and your country bcoz its v important now…….

  4. Americans and Jews are the planners in all the terrorist attacks in Pakistan and all over the world (Including WTC, OBL is only a cover story)). These people attempted to kill Musharraf several times and finally killed Ms Bhutto only to create unrest in Pakistan. These clowns are increasing problems for themselves.

  5. American script of the drama is being followed in Pakistan. I feel the script is somewhat over ambitious and more inclined towards stupidity. The script should be however renamed as Vietnam II or Somalia II.

  6. With sorrow and grief we the Unitarians in Pakistan condemn the assassination of the former Prime minister Ms. Bhutto in a suicidal attack in Rawalpindi. As per by Doug Muder in the story of Midwinter we the Unitarians in Pakistan has been waiting for a turn since long. The turn of Love; The Love that always seeks to do Good to help and heal; never to hurt or destroy; The Turn of PEACE; The turn of Democracy; The turn of Security of the common people; the turn of …………

    The return of Ms. Bhutto was a hope of the turn to the Unitarians in Pakistan. The turn of equality in our great many challenges from our very existence in Pakistan; the turn of positive changes for our gain and growth but her brutal assassination has rather turned all our expectations to hopelessness.

    With our prayers for her eternal rest in Peace; the condolence to her husband; children; family tribe; friends; associates and all Pakistan who are greatly shocked with this untimely loss. We salute the brave daughter of Pakistan. We announce three days mourn in this grief.

    May be the Turn would come again with its strength to break the bounds of Darkness and hopelessness and bring new shine and warmth upon us. May be ………… May be ………… May be ………… May be ………… May be ………… May be ………… May be …………

    With Sorrow and grief, I am,

    Inderias Dominic Bhatti,
    National Director,
    Unitarians in Pakistan.

  7. sometimes i think it wud hav been btr from me if i was nt a PAKISTANI,atleast i wud proudly say to the people that i belong to this n that…almost everyone recognize us (Pakistani) from the word,”terroriest”..its all because of the crap ppl in our country..i didnt get y only she was targeted..though there were others strong politicians too,who still hold strong positions in election..becoz this was nt the 1st time of an attack to kill her..Y ONLY PPP WAS TARGETED? i have full faith in the SUPREME power,and i m sure He will treat that person very well to teach him/her a lesson….M EXTREMELY sorry for being harsh…..May ALLAH help ALL and Leads us to the BEST!!!

  8. As a human being, I feel really sad for her family. May God give them the strength to deal with this tragedy.

    As a political figure in public domain and whose actions affected life of the general public, her hypocrisy was sickening, her loyalty to Pakistan was none, it was greed for being back in power and to commit corruption again, as evidenced by her reluctance to allow any other party member to lead her party while in exile. Her eloquence was decieving as she changed stances on issues of national interest, made deals and failed to substantiate her arguments and misquoted factual information.

    I’m still confused whether her party is socialist or capitalist oriented? Or is it religiously aligned as the PPP did join forces with the religious parties in the ARD and APDM.

    She simply reiterated her oppositions successful strategy and moderate philosophy to the US to win their support and then tried to claim credit for it, as if it all started during her two previous failed governments. I suspect the west only wanted to support her as they knew she would trade away this country for cheap material gain.

    The culture of the PPP supporters and party activists stems from their leader, where within two days looted and caused damage to private property accross the country, under the garb of anger and sadness. Should such violent and criminal people be allowed to express their choice through voting? Its no surprise what kind of leadership they’ll elect for us.

  9. It’s quite tragic what happened to benazir bhutto…nobody deserves to die like this….i have completely lost hope for our country because the people who come forward to do something good for the nation are either targeted to death or
    are made to turn down from their offices…n the way these uneducated people go around destroying everything to show their anger and frustration is the pure evidence of why we are considered a Third wolrd country!

  10. Well it waz a darkest day of da history of Our Motherland Pakistan! But what the hell theze people doin’ now? why are they burning tyres,carz,trucks,banks,godownz? they guyz are so stupidddddddddd :@ what iz our fault in it? why are they effecting a life of a normal man! May God bless All! Live n Let Live!


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