Ayodhya Verdict: Indian Muslims will always be second-class citizens

The so-called “historic” verdict by the judges of the Allahabad High Court in India has been welcomed by rabid Hindu fanatics because they now feel they can go ahead and demolish all the remaining mosques in India. Instead of recognizing that Muslims were the owners of the land on which the Babri Masjid had stood for over 500 years, the judges (fearing a violent Hindu reaction) divided the property equally among the three claimants (two of which were Hindu organizations).

Now any Hindu can claim that any property owned by a Muslim has been built on sacred ground (probably where one of those thousands of Hindu gods was born or had defecated there). The poor Muslim will then have no choice but to hand his property over to the Hindu fanatic, and very soon most of India’s Muslims will be forced to convert to Hinduism.

The entire Muslim world should recognize this threat to Indian Muslims and demand that India do everything it can to protect them.

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  1. @ Rahul: I meant that there are 150,000 Indian mosques which are “potentially” under dispute. I’m assuming that since there are 150 million Muslims in India, there should be at least 150,000 mosques there.

  2. @sakhir
    you said “There are 150,000 mosques in India which are said to have been built over temples”
    Wow, now that’s something! forget about 150,000. can you just tell me 5 name of that mosque or at least the place other than Ayodhya where such kinds of mosque exist?
    Please do, i would like to know just 5 , not all 150,000 fro your claim.

  3. @ Manu: there was a stay order in force, preventing Babri Masjid from being demolished. Yet the kar sevaks pulled it down, and no one has been punished. There are 150,000 mosques in India which are said to have been built over temples, and slowly and surely, they will all be destroyed, because Hindu fanatics do not want to be reminded by anything about the thousane-year Muslim rule over India. In fact, they will pull down the Taj Mahal as well, because it was built by a Muslim king.

  4. @Mr Lakhani
    As you say that “Now any Hindu can claim that any property owned by a Muslim has been built on sacred ground”

    It is for your information that according to Places of Worship act 1991 of India, the status quo will be maintained in all the other places of worship except Ayodhya disputed land. Ayodhya was an exception because it was already a disputed land for centuries. So, wherever is a temple or mosque or church or any other place of worship existing will remain as it and nobody can claim on that land.

  5. Sakhir is just one jealous person who cant get the truth off his throat that Muslims & Hindus in India are united, no mater what.
    Try hard to spill venom , mr Shakir,
    Muslim brothers of my country are not madrasa educated, that they shall react to this post and start a violent protest all over India. And if you think this would happen, then i just ant imagine what a big “whoo hoo” you are!
    Muslims in India have better things to do, like working their jobs, and getting this country to the top in the list for GDP PPP, We rank 4th at the moment,just below, US(1), china(2)& japan(3), we have already beaten Germany(5), United Kingdom(6)&Russia(7).
    So look at your self where you are on 27th rank , just bellow Egypt.
    What do you have to say about that Mr, shakir, why is ur countries economy so domed, we atelast have the capacity to lhost Commonwealth games, for 72 countries, you cant host a cricket match.
    Rather being 1st class citizens of a failed stated called Pakistan its 10 times better for my Muslim brothers to be a ‘second class citizens”(as you call) of India.

  6. Mr. Armaan Ali (definietly second-class Indian citizen): please read the post carefully. This was a property dispute, and the verdict says that the property should be divided equally among the claimants. so, next time someone files a claim against any of your properties (if you have any), please immediately give half to him. And if there are two claimants, hand over a third to each and keep a third for yourself. Finally, you can pull your house down and build a mosque, a church, a gurdawara and a temple on the land where it stands. This is what the verdict implies. Effectively, if you are an Indian Muslim, your property is no longer your property, even if you or your family have owned it for 100 years, or even 500 years, because Ram or any other Hindu god may have walked over it or done anything else there.

  7. @Mr. Lakhani: Good Post.

    @Armaan: The author is saying that Indian Muslims will always be second class citizens in the eyes of Hindus.

    @Hendoo: Looks like Mr. Lakhani’s posts have had such a detrimental effect on you that you forgot your name. Or maybe it is because of the shock therapy you recieved at a mental hospital. Do you really think that the Kaaba was taken by force, or is your retarded comment a result of you not getting a good mahurat from a pundit before commentating.

  8. Respcted author zanab shakir lakhani,
    A hearty thanks for calling us a second class muslim.
    We love to be called so.
    Inshallah, we would never like to become first class muslim if you Pakistani fall under that category, who even don’t know the basics of islam. Who are always confused between islam, muslim, Koran, Allah, and all those.
    The first class muslims, (as you think of yourselves) are only responsible for worsening the image of islam in the whole world. Muslims all over the world face discrimination because of you people who think themselves as of first class muslim.
    As per our islam (second class, as you called), we are not supposed to turn violent at any of these cases.
    It is nowhere mentioned in our Koran (second class, as you called), in how big space a mosque to be built. The land allotted to us is more than sufficient to offer namaz five times a day.
    But, it is definately mentioned in our Koran (second class, as you called), every human being and every monument etc is creation of almighty Allah. All human beings have equal share in his creation. So we did as per his rule. In the enlightend path of allah.
    I hope not for such an abusive language for muslims, next time onwards.
    Good deeds of muslims (second class, as you called), should be appreciated.
    With thanks,
    Armaan ali.
    (A second class muslim).


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