Attracting Blog Traffic

Unless you are a saint or a secret agent, you are sure to have a burning desire to have people read your blog. This issue is so dear to bloggers that many sites have sprung up on the WWW just on this topic, and everyone claims to have that silver bullet on offer to attract the traffic to your blog, as flies attract to a honey pot, or boys attract to a girl in miniskirt on Tariq road.

Attracting traffic on blog is not an easy ask. Its fairly easy, cheap and not-so-big-deal to create and adorn a blog with different widgets and colors and images. Its also not a big deal to send the blog URL to various search engines and sit back for the organic traffic. Its also not big deal that you have setup the blog on the most expensive hosting provider, and you have used the most nifty content management server ever produced on the planet.

Whats important is what you have got on offer, and how you are going to let the world know about it. The rules are simple to state, but very hard to follow. To attract traffic, there are just two rules. First, offer useful content frequently, second, let the world know about it. Now after you are through with the first step, how you go about for the second, that is another feat.

Letting others know about your great n grand weblog is very laborious and it takes time. There are many positive and negative approaches for that matter, but negative ones will make you rot in blogohell; while the positive ones will take time, but they are worth it.

One of the most effective technique to attract traffic to your blog is to do the email marketing. First make a list of email address, to whom you are going to send email about your blog. Gather email address from your contact list, take the emails of other bloggers who blog in the domain which is the same or near to your own blogging niche, ask friends to give you the emails from their contact lists.

After you have the email list compiled, sit, forget everything else, and compose a brief, matter-of-fact, honest, interesting and letter-like email. In that email, introduce your blog, give URLs of your top posts, and ask for the feedback, and pay thanks for the time of the recipient. Then allocate a time in your day to send the emails and stick to that. Then regularly monitor the traffic sources and focus on those sources which are generating considerable traffic and ignore the low-traffic sources and hunt for more email addresses.

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