Aman Ki Asha- Destination Peace

The two leading media houses of India and Pakistan – The Times of India and the Jang Group – have come together to develop a stronger Track 2 in the diplomatic and cultural relations between the people. “Aman ki Asha- Destination Peace” the compound Urdu Hindi title of this peace project is grasping attention across borders these days. The campaign aims to mobilizing popular support for peace.

Aman Ki Asha Aman ki Asha came as a surprise and left many in Pakistan gaping in wonder as to what to believe and what not to believe. The campaign itself is not a small breakthrough, given the hardening of positions after the Mumbai massacre and particularly the anti-Pakistan tone of the Indian media, a call for peace by the largest Indian media group is in itself a significant development. Opinion polls have convincingly established that a large majority of the people in both countries support peace. The hope for peace can only prevail and would have a meaning if the governments of both the countries decide the same.

The campaign has all its updates on its Facebook page. An anthem, written by Gulzar and sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is also a part of Aman ki Asha.[ev type=”youtube” data=””][/ev]

Times of India is hosting country wide concerts and programs featuring Pakistani artists likewise Geo and Jang group is active in Indian films and Award shows projection. This will surely create a lot of revenue for both. One can just hope that this will not be a commercial gimmick but a sincere effort to let the establishment of both the countries embark on peace and respect each others sovereignty and Independence.

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  1. Shakir, why is Pakistan not punishing the perpetrators of 26/11? Just because they are from military?

    What stability are you talking about? Get out of Sindh and Balochistan and give Pakhtunkhwa to where it belongs, Afghanistan. Don’t worry about India and forget dreaming about territories which were usurped by Islamic invaders. You ain’t getting it…dedicate your remaining lifetime to something good like fighting for justice in Sindh and Balochistan.

  2. Abheek: that’s funny, you blaming Mohajirs for the mess. Until recently, this group had the backing of India. But being patriotic Pakistanis, they saw through the fake Indian sympathy! Get real, man, there’s only one way for India to live in peace: give up the territories it has illegally occupied and spend more on the 80% of its citizens who’re starving.

  3. Hend: Some measure of stability can be achieved if India reverses its blunders. If it wants to improve its international image, it should seriously think about getting out of Kashmir, Sikkim, Hyderabad, Junagadh, Goa and finally, Arunachal Pradesh.

  4. It is unfortunate that one single mass of land with similar culture had to be divided because of some crazy people … If you ask me the culprit behind the entire mess of partition, apart from the britishers, lies with the mohajirs. Hindus and Mulims co-existed peacefully on both side of borders. But it was political ambition of the mohajirs which created rift between the two sides. Even after getting what they wanted ( a separate nation for the opperessed – We had 3 muslim prezs in india since partition and muslims have occupied almost all important posts sometime or the other – enuf indicator of the imaginary oppressive Hindus 🙂 the power hungry mohajirs have not left either us or you guys happy. In India most of the troubles that are traced to muslims are from the up/bihar area and we all know how mohajirs are creating problem for your country – may it be thru mqm or other means – like imposing urdu as the national language, though just 8% of you guys actually speak it. Even the pathans are better – though they are sort of marginalised becoz of recent terrorism that is happening. People blame punjabis for the problem – but if you ask me it is the mohajirs .. we all know how hindus and muslims peacefully coexisted in punjab before partition and before these thugs vitiated the air… Any way gotta go to celebrate our Republic Day celebrations .. something all Indians are proud of, irrespective of their bkgrnds and something which unfortunately you guys have not been able to achieve..

  5. very predictable but you miss the whole point. i am not against pakistan making progress or to be honest wouldn’t care much about what goes on there.

    without getting into ridiculous statistics given by you and by the way you are the one stuck in 1947, let me state clearly.

    what we don’t want is people being trained in pakistan in camps, crossing the border, committing mass murder, while all the time being guided by their masters sitting in pakistan.

    what we cannot understand is lack of proactive measures by you to hunt them down and punishing for doing this to a neighboring country.

    what we see is an attempt to stall and obstruct at every stage and giving excuse that the people would take it as a capitulation.

    regardless of the fact whether india pakistan are friends or what kind of relationship they have, there is something called international obligations. you just cannot feign ignorance, deny, refuse then one by one accept that those were pakistanis and then still keep refusing to act.

    something very very seriously wrong there. it is like saying that if you want my friendship then you have to accept these criminal things. which is not possible. i am not sure why it is such a difficult concept for you.

  6. @ Hend: I too have come to the conclusion that it’s better for India and Pakistan to be in a continuous state of war. It’s the only way for Pakistan to progress. Knowing that an enemy country is bent upon destroying us keeps us on our toes. Since you’ve never been to Pakistan, you’ll never know how much it has progressed since 1947 (when it had virtually no industries to speak of). If you think suicide bombing worries us, consider this: twenty thousand Indian farmers kill themselves every year because of poverty (compared to 3,000 deaths due to suicide bombing in Pakistan). On the whole, I think Pakistan is much better off than India. If I had any say, I would advise our government to snap all trade and sports ties with India immediately and keep its diplomatic staff in India at a bare minimum.


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