Aman Ki Asha- Destination Peace

The two leading media houses of India and Pakistan – The Times of India and the Jang Group – have come together to develop a stronger Track 2 in the diplomatic and cultural relations between the people. “Aman ki Asha- Destination Peace” the compound Urdu Hindi title of this peace project is grasping attention across borders these days. The campaign aims to mobilizing popular support for peace.

Aman Ki Asha Aman ki Asha came as a surprise and left many in Pakistan gaping in wonder as to what to believe and what not to believe. The campaign itself is not a small breakthrough, given the hardening of positions after the Mumbai massacre and particularly the anti-Pakistan tone of the Indian media, a call for peace by the largest Indian media group is in itself a significant development. Opinion polls have convincingly established that a large majority of the people in both countries support peace. The hope for peace can only prevail and would have a meaning if the governments of both the countries decide the same.

The campaign has all its updates on its Facebook page. An anthem, written by Gulzar and sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is also a part of Aman ki Asha.[ev type=”youtube” data=””][/ev]

Times of India is hosting country wide concerts and programs featuring Pakistani artists likewise Geo and Jang group is active in Indian films and Award shows projection. This will surely create a lot of revenue for both. One can just hope that this will not be a commercial gimmick but a sincere effort to let the establishment of both the countries embark on peace and respect each others sovereignty and Independence.

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  1. start cannot be made by singing ghazals and giving speaches which conveniently dodge the basic issues. since i am from mumbai i would definitely not allow the indian government to get involved untill all pakistan based handlers and planners of 26/11 are caught and punished. since i have family and very close relation to kashmir, i would not allow indian government to open any more borders which would allow flow of more terrorists from accross the border. simple as that.

  2. Every long journey must be started by one step. The current situation demands conciliation between the two rivals so that no freehand is extended to the extremist groups in the area.

  3. How can we resolve conflicts without have elaborate negotiations? Prioritizing issues is crucial for India and Pakistan, for starters resolve the less complex ones and gradually build upon those foundations.

  4. Hend: TOI (as well as The Hindu) has some excellent columnists, whom I enjoy reading. I know it used to be virulently anti-Pakistani (some of its writers-like Jug Suraya-still are), but by and large Indian English journalists have matured enough to make their works acceptable to Pakistanis.

  5. We dont need to be best friends. But as long as there’s stability in the sub-continent, that is best.

    Obviously as neighbour countries, the hostilities and threat of terror is not in anybodys interests. But it is wrong for india to blame Pakistan for what is going on in indian occupied Kashmir. india must realize that putting a rug over the dirt does not solve the problem

    problems exist……we dont have to solve all of them, but certain confidence building measures need to be engendered

    at the moment, india is making provacative moves…..just the other day, their BSF fired on our positions –so we were forced to return fire at them. indian COAS made provocative and jingoist statements. Most unhelpful and unfortunate.

    you can shout the slogans, and do all that lame cheesy shit…but in the end, the issues still exist. If you dont solve them, then how can there be proper peace?

    As Pakistanis, we also need to strive to correct our errors –and our government needs to ensure that there is end to corruption and more is done to deliver on promises made.

    We dont need outsiders to analyze our affairs however. Pakistan needs to make some calculated moves, as the environment is quite hostile lately.

    Armed Forces are awake to any arising threats.

  6. Hina

    “Well Pakistan is an ideological state for sure”

    Infact if you read again what I wrote previously, there is nothing wrong in being ideological. This is not even the core issue between Pakistan and India. The people who claim to be addressing an imaginary issue of ideological differences are wrong.

    Plainly speaking, Pakistan and India have property disputes.

  7. TOI was decent about 20 years ago. That changed when they got into various businesses in order to make money. It is nothing but a tabloid now. Apart from being a publication with vested interests and political / financial agenda, as it is owned by that type of business people who have finally got rid of the past tradition of having conscientious editor and writers.

    The website of TOI is almost like a porn site with offending pictures and numerous popups. The writings are rather shallow and headlines grossly misleading.

    Apart from it suffering sudden attacks of Aman, I am surprised that some of you actually like it, given the fact that it was at the forefront of the anti Pakistan propaganda during the various periods of tension between the two countries.

    As a secular and thinking Indian, I find such immature journalism annoying. I may have my differences with Pakistan but I believe neither in mindless enmity nor delusional peace marches. Much less in jingoistic or condescending behaviour. All I ask for is a logical and practical approach based on recognizing the issues, not denying.

  8. @Hend

    Well Pakistan is an ideological state for sure………it came into being on the basis of Two nation theory and those who are nowadays constantly saying that India and Pakistan have many things in common are WRONG. I cant find any such thing.

    Moreover the failure of this campaign AMAN KI ASHA is now evident. Just look at the comments made by u and the rest.

  9. @Lt. General

    Sir India will never be friends with Pakistan but at least it should respect our sovereignty and Independence that’s what I believe. It is also a fact that people of Pakistan want the solution of issues like Kashmir, Siachin, Sir Creek etc………..

    I don’t know y but I feel that this campaign itself is an advertisement gimmick just to make money.

  10. most indian media is saffron garbage….TOI is okay. I enjoy some of the columns.

    indians have no equivalent of Dawn though. When it comes to media, we are far ahead of indian. The only thing is, indian media isnt vicious domestically the way ours is.

    Our media in itself will one day become a political party….. =D


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