Ajman Super Dad, Father of 88, marrying a 18 year old in India

Wow. Another starrer from shining India. On one hand the slum dogs of Mumbai become millionaire by selling their kids or renting their wombs for foreigners, rich men from abroad chose India to build their harem.

According to a report in UAE newspaper, 64-year-old Daad Murad Abdul Rahman of Ajman, father of 88 children, will marry 18-year-old Aisha in Jaipur (Indian state of Rajastan) after Eid. He aims to hit a century of offspring before 2015. Aisha will be his 16th wife.

Speaking to Emirates24|7, Rahman said: “The wedding was arranged by his Indian doctor. Meher [money bridegroom pays the bride’s father] has been fixed at Dh20,000 and the nikkah [wedding] will be held in Jaipur.

Rahman, who lives in Ajman and Manama, has 50 boys and 38 girls. The eldest son Tariq is 39 years of age and the youngest is a few months old. “I will stop marrying when I have 100 children. I hope to achieve that with this marriage.

The sexagenarian could not conceal his excitement when asked about his new bride. “I’m thrilled about my wedding. She is a pretty girl. I have seen her photograph. I speak to her over the phone. I have applied for visa to visit India for the marriage. Most probably, I will leave for India after Eid.

Every marriage is a celebration in our family as children get new clothes, sweets and gifts. We will have to cut at least four sheep for the festivities. I will bring the new bride to Ajman a few weeks after the marriage,” he added.

Rahman gets pension from the UAE Armed Forces, financial aid and other benefits such as free homes from the government. His family comprising 127 members live in seven homes spread across different emirates. Most of his children are employed in good positions (UAE Armed Forces, Police, etc). One of them is a businessman in the UK.

Rahman says he has been married 15 times. However, he has only three wives at present and the rest are divorced. Some of his ex-wives, however, still stay with him.

Source: Emirates24|7

16 thoughts on “Ajman Super Dad, Father of 88, marrying a 18 year old in India”

  1. @Nemesus: For real amusement, read this, as mentioned by Urdu daily Jung.

    @Chowrangi Team: The whole post right from the beginning till the end is about the man from UAE. Clearly a UAE starrer.

    This post could have been used to shed light on the suffering that the poor go through who are forced to sell their daughters. By the way, daughters are also sold in Pakistan. As far as renting wombs are concerned, that has nothing to do with this post. It is clearly used to change the subject.

    Chowrangi Team would be better off writing positive things about their own country (if their are any) instead of negative things about other countries.

  2. @Hmm: It’s not an assumption. It’s a fact. Now don’t ask me how. 🙂

    By the way, not everyone is involved in cross border hatred. There is only one person here who is. I don’t need to mention his name.

  3. Yusha, grammatical errors make it a Pakistani starrer?

    That assumption makes your comment an Indian starrer.
    Now don’t ask me how 🙂

    Everyone here is so occupied in the cross-border hatred…kitna faarigh time hai sub kay paas…laanat ho.

  4. yusah

    how does someone’s spelling and grammar mistakes become pakistani starrer?

    basically the whole post is a non starrer and not worth much attention beyond momentary amusement.

  5. chowrangi team

    firstly, this is a private matter between to private parties, there nothing about india in it. it may not be a good thing for the girl and there may be an element of greed in the transaction but the state of india has no role to play in such thing, it is for the family, the society and the religious leaders of the community to educate the people. it is very likely that this deal is being made so that the girl gets comfortable life and her family can spend money on educating her siblings. i will not criticize her family without knowing the full facts outside of masaledar news reports

    secondly, surrogate motherhood is not something bad, illegal or immoral, it is happening in many countries. using a word like ‘renting the womb’ does not add weight to the basic flaw in your post.

    thirdly goras coming to adopt kids from our slums, again what is wrong if some poor kid gets a chance of education and better life? a person like you might not understand it unless you were born as underprivileged.

    no one denies the poverty in india but it is actually disgusting of you to make a mockery of poverty.

  6. To all Indians who have commented above, this is a starrer from India as they are selling their 18-year old to a 64-year old Sheikh.

    About wearing “hate glasses”, can you deny Indian women not renting their wombs for foreigners? Or goras coming to “adopt” kids from your slums?

    @Yusha: Thanks for pointing out the errors.

  7. Interesting..although, I’m slightly confused. After reading the article, it sounds to me that the person in question, Daad Murad Abdul Rahman, is a resident/citizen of UAE. However, your first para has a statement “Another starrer from shining India.”

    Would the author care to explain exactly how is this man, a starrer from India???

  8. Opening paragraph is a Pakistani starrer. Two and a half sentences with 5 errors.

    Error 1: If a sentence begins with on one hand, the next sentence should begin with on the other hand.

    Error2: The second sentence should read: by selling their kids or renting their wombs to foreigners.

    Error 3: Slum dogs: Slumdogs is one word.

    Error 4: The second sentence of first paragraph should read: Slumdogs of Mumbai become millionaires.

    Error 5: Opening sentence is wrong. This is a UAE starrer.

  9. “Wow. Another starrer from shining India.”>> This is not about India, this is about Arabs and Muslims in general. I hope you remove the “hate india” glasses and try to see what is actually happening here.


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