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Bloggers are the new force in advertising and ReviewMe is tapping into this fact by offering Bloggers the opportunity to earn money by writing about services and products. ReviewMe sets itself apart form its compitetors with two key distinctions; Reviewers must state that it is a paid post; the ad need not be a positive review.

Always on the lookout for a way to make money on the internet while maintaining integrity, I saw the potential of ReviewMe right away. The fact that ReviewMe was giving away $25,000 as a grand opening incentive led to my immediate membership.

Here’s how it works; You are a blogger. You sign up as a Reviewer at ReviewMe. Then, after logging in, you can choose to accept new review offers by Advertisers. You are given ample time after accepting the offer to create a post. You need to login to their site and provide the URL and assignement is completed.

The ReviewMe site is pleasant to look at, it’s well organized and becoming a paid Blogger is drop dead easy. I’m excited about this new model of advertising. You can sign up here

What is more, ReviewMe has announced on their new advertiser marketplace gives more control to the advertiser while still giving the blogger 100 % control over what review offers they accept.

Advertisers get to set up the information they would like reviewed, the number of reviews they would like to receive and how much they would like to spend per review. The minimum review price is $10. Advertisers now have the flexibility of purchasing reviews off top blogs individually or creating campaigns for many relevant bloggers to blog about!

Note: bloggers that were not previously accepted into the premium RM marketplace should resubmit their blog for inclusion into our new Advertiser marketplace.

You will see many posts on Quasi Fictional that are marked advertisements, from now. Please share if anyone has an experience with ReviewMe. {This is not a ReviewMe Paid post}

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