Advertisement by Indian Railways shows Delhi in Pakistan

Wrong Railway Advertisement showing Delhi In Pakistan Welcome to the blunder world of advertisement. The Year 2010 has become an embarrassing year for both Indian and Pakistani authorities so far as their advertisements are being mistakenly feature each others logos and persons. Indian Railways Authorities are embarrassed after an advertisement being published in almost all the leading newspapers on the day of inauguration of Maharajas’ Express from Kolkata to Nalanda showed Delhi in Pakistan.

The map showed Kolkata, Gaya in Bay of Bengal, Varanasi in Orissa, Gwalior in Maharashtra and Delhi in Pakistan. The advertisement was published by the Eastern Railway, India. The Railway authorities completely absolve themselves of responsibilities like wise Punjab police Pakistan ad controversy, saying it was the fault of the concerned advertising agency.

About two months ago, an advertisement in India featured the picture of former Pakistan air force chief Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed alongside Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi and cricketers Kapil Dev and Virender Sehwag.

In the meantime, an advertisement issued yesterday in Pakistani newspapers by the police force in Punjab province featured the logo of its counterpart in India’s Punjab state, triggering an outcry among the people.

To have altered your country’s map or your departments’ logo is a huge blunder. Such incidents have never happen before. I was wondering why it is happening with such frequency one after another especially nowadays when Aman ki asha and Jang ki Bhasa both are in air. Is it a conspiracy or some kind of media gimmick?

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  1. darlings, the map in the above picture is shifted from the track line and also reduced in size when superimposing. agra was shown in khurjestan and benareiz in bengall…Lakhoo…agree with you regarding education in pakistan or for that matter other things about it too…hihihi

  2. The frequency with which these blunders are taking place on both sides of the border is truly amazing. Thankfully, the majority of the population in both the countries is seeing the light side of these incidents and not raking up the issues or politicizing them.


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