The controversy of Punjab Police logo

The logo of Indian Punjab Police has been published in an advertisement of the Pakistan’s Punjab police in today’s newspapers. The advertisement is an appeal to the people of Punjab province to be attentive and report suspicious happenings around them to help the police department and government in curbing terrorism.

The logos of the police forces in India’s Punjab state and Pakistan’s Punjab provinces are similar because both feature the words ‘PP’ surrounded by a wreath against a blue and red background. However, the logo on the Pakistani side is topped with a star while the Indian logo features the country’s national symbol with three lions.

Punjab Police Pakistan Advertisement

If the logo was not provided by the Pakistan’s Punjab police to the printing press they might have searched it online. When you Google the words Punjab police logo, two Pakistan Punjab police logos while one Indian logo appears on first page. You can see the page results here.

Also it is interesting to note that Punjab Police has its own website with the logo on its header. How it is possible that the police department can’t provide its own logo for the advertisement.

Punjab Police Logo

Now the only question to be answered is, whose Intentional or unintentional lapse it was and for what reason?

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