Dowry Deaths Of Men Far Exceed Those Of Women – Why Is The Indian Media Silent?

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A Man Is Arrested Every 3 Minutes In A False Allegation Of Dowry Harassment

In India, under IPC section 498A, a woman can accuse a man of dowry harassment, with little evidence, if any, and destroy his life, career, and reputation. This has led to chaos in Indian families and a very high rate of suicide among men.

According to National Crime Records Bureau, there were 2,22,091 arrests related to dowry under section 498A in 2013 alone, out of which 1,74,620 were men. This means that a man is arrested every 3 minutes over dowry harassment – 98% of allegations are false.

More Than Three Times As Many Men Commit Suicide Due To Dowry Harassment

While the Indian media glamorizes dowry deaths of women, would it come as a surprise that more than three times as many men commit suicide due to dowry harassment at the hands of their wives.

From 2005 to 2008, as many as 22,000 men have ended their lives in reverse dowry harassment after allegedly being tormented by their wives. In contrast, dowry harassment has driven 6,800 women to suicide – Times Of India

A Man In India Commits Suicide Every 6 Minutes

Not only are men being victimized under section 498A, but more than three times as many men are killing themselves in India, courtesy of fabricated allegations of dowry. It is due to the draconian Indian laws that twice as many men in India commit suicide compared to women. According to The Hindu, 79,773 men took their own lives. This means that a man in India commits suicide approximately every 6 minutes.

Why is this not covered by the media as vociferously as they show crimes against women, which are much less in number compared to those against men? And if that is not enough, any attempt to show the stark reality of the violence being perpetrated on men is fought against, destroyed, and banned.

75% Of Rape Accusations Are False

While we are on the subject of false allegations, I would like to add that 75% of rape cases are false in India, and while Delhi has been labelled the rape capital of the world, a court has issued a statement citing that Delhi’s tag of rape capital is due to the high number of false cases of rape.

Tens of thousands of men today rot in Indian prisons courtesy of fabricated allegations of domestic violence, dowry, and rape, but it is not news.

Below is the trailer of the film 498A: The Wedding Gift, which has been banned by the national commission of women and feminists, because it depicts the reality of the modern Indian woman.

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