An Open Letter to President Asif Ali Zardari

Dear president Asif Ali Zardari, It was heartening to hear that a second Pakistani, Hasan Sadpara, has managed to climb Mount Everest. A good piece of news in current times of turmoil. His feat has made every Pakistan glee with pride that we are not all just terrorists. There are … Read more

Islam and international media

Islam and New Media

International media had become obsessed with Islam. Due to an intense focus on the eradication of the fundamentalist, Islam has come into public eye and now people all over the world know more about Islam than they did before 9 /11. There have been numerous deliberations on the fundamentalist who … Read more

Pregnancy and Bed Rest

Pregnancy Bed Rest

REST. A four letter word everyone wants profusely in their life. Add another three letter word BED to it and out goes all the amusement. While everyone needs a few hours of rest nobody wants to be on bed for every minute of the 24 hr day. When my gynecologist … Read more