Not too absurd?

Mualana Abdul Aziz, in a recent interview to CNN proclaimed Osama to be a martyr. He said he was both happy and sad at his death. Content that he died a martyr, which means heavenly bliss, and sad because the Islamic world is left without his guidance. Obviously the cleric was also of the view that all that was wrong in the Islamic world is Americas fault. Nothing surprising, or new about these comments.

However he had an interesting solution to the problem. The red mosque Maulana was of the opinion that if Barack Obama accepted Islam all evils would be resolved. And he believed it not to be an absurd pondering considering Obama’s ancestors were Muslims!

Barack Obama IslamImagine that! One day president Obama addresses the American public. Sitting on the desk in the oval office he declares to the whole world he has converted to Islam! How would the American congress react? Being the so called democratic government would they sit on their behinds and let a Muslim run their country and in the process the whole world? It would be interesting to see how they would get rid of their democratically elected first black Muslim president!

Let’s make it more interesting and imagine Obama in a skull cap, a beard and an Arabic dress roaming around the white house. Imagine him holding a Friday prayer in the gardens of the white house. Imagine Eid ul Fitr and eidi at the white house; imagine goats and cows being slaughtered by Obama for Eid ul Azha!

Now imagine President Barrack Obama wearing sucide jacket and blowing himself up in the white house. How will America justify its way out of that, a born and bred American carrying out such radical acts. How would they put the blame on Al Qaeda or Pakistan? How would they feel about the fact that the biggest terrorist turned out to be their leader? Fascinating!

5 thoughts on “Not too absurd?”

  1. i personally feel that we should not write such articles which highlights
    statements of religious figures who have been involved in some kind of
    terrorism. We all know maulana aziz played a vital part in red mosque and
    he is trying to give a bad impression by giving such statements. Pakistan and
    united states of america have a had a relationship for a long time. And it will
    last longer then people thinks.


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