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education decay in Pakistan

Decay of the Educational System

The wave of changing face of education swamped us, globally, around the oncoming of the new millennium. Prior to that, education still had value. Education was taught for the sake of educating minds. Opening the minds to knowledge and critical thinking. But, around the 2000s, education became just another money-churning business. An endlessly profitable business […]

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Vocabulary Development and the Cyber Age

The stale, musty-sweet smell of the pages of my tattered Oxford Learner’s Dictionary fills up my memories of not so long ago whenever I used to embark on the quest of finding and exploring new words; learning about its etymology; wondering how would I use it in a sentence; feeling a joyous, chest-swelling thrill whenever […]

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The Celebration Of Eid ul-Fitr

Here is a brief post about the upcoming eid, Eid ul-Fitr. I would first like to mention that this…

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Laylat al-Qadr and Itikaaf

The last ‘ashra of Ramadan is the ‘ashra of salvation from Hell-fire. It is in this ‘ashra …

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Strong American Presence in Pakistan: Is China threatened by the U.S.?

We are aware that the U. S. has stationed a large number of its army in Pakistan. Lately, the Pen…

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The Diseases and the Guidelines in Kalamullah and the Sunnah

Come September 19th is one of Italy’s most celebrated and looked-forward-to festival of Saint J…

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Saeed-ul-Haque: Are We the Bearers of Justice?

Forty years is a long time. Could be the entire lifetime of an individual. For me it is the doubl…

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20 Common Mistakes Made During Ramadan

Most Muslims who fast in Ramadan focus on the benefits and rewards of it. But in doing so, we oft…

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Innocent Muhammad Jawad Released From Guantanamo Bay after 6 Years

Here we have another proof of the great judicial system of the United States of America – the…

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Hijaab: The Veil is My Pride

Why is it that people are so offended to see someone protect their chastity and adopt their relig…

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