Zinger Needed

The parliamentarians of the Pakistan are having a ball out there while debating the policy, strategy and other aspects of the war on terror, but still there is no hope or outcome, and still even we don’t know that whose war is this. Whether this war belongs to us or to the Americans or to nobody or to whom.

Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who kicked off the debate, asked the government to present details of all the agreements that were signed with the United States in the past with regard to the war on terror. But PML(N) and other allies were very much apprehensive about the outcome of the talks, and it was felt that the whole proceedings were going no where.

This is the time, when all the political leaders should join hands and suggest to the government and also help them to come up with something workable, as the country is burning. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is in no mood to fulfil the demand of its ex-partner in the ruling coalition, as it was part of a quid pro quo vis-a-vis the resignation of General (R) Musharraf, but they have to change their policies which were followed by the Musharraf and his junta.

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  1. “and still even we don’t know that whose war is this”. That’s funny. Pakistank girls’ schools being bombed, music shops owned by Pakistanis being blasted, Pakistani men being beheaded,and you still don’t know that this is our war? What more do you want? A complete ban on Internet, TV and movie houses? An independent state in Waziristan? The division of Pakistan into seven states? Get real, man, this is our war, and we have to do everything we can to win it. Or we lose our heads!

  2. Prequel to this debate was the in camera briefing given by the Director General Military Operations. The real story of the briefing may never be known but there was glimpses as given by various people who attended the brief. I have my sources, quite reliable ones at that, both in the military as well in the civil. The interesting part of the briefing were the video clippings that the DG (MO) had shown, where a tweleve yr old boy was slitting the throat of a pakistani soldier. I say interesting because the Air Conditioned Room / Prado prone politicians probably had only heard of such atrocities being perpetrated in the tribal areas, but they definitely grasped the extent of the issue once they saw the visuals. According to a source, after the first clipping was shown, the political leadership of the country fell into a state of shell shock. People were covering their eyes and looking at the screen at the same time. Something that gals normally do once they are watching a horror movie with shit load of monsters in it. Anyhow, the Speaker had to request DG (MO) to please warn the viewers for discretion so that our leaders could choose to watch it or not.
    This was first of its kind briefing, in which the army opened itself and the problems being faced to the so called leaders of Pakistan. It will help them in understanding the core issues of the problem. And if at all they are serious in really coming up with the policy for really doing something to resolve the issue.

    But let us also review the facts. The govt of PPP is not likely to do anything about it. They will cont to pend the issue in the name of Consensual Debate, knowing fully well that in Pakistan, the politicians have never been able to come on consensus on any issue even if existence of the cty depended upon it. This time too, it is not going to be any different. Why am i so sure about it is, that if we listen to the people of the cty, who these leaders represent, the outcome ought to be very different. But instead, they will definitely listen to their Masters. The Uncle Bush, who for that matter ha already given his instructions to the President during his visit to the great USA. The outcome of those instructions are so damn obvious otherwise. Fighting has intensified. The Americans are blatantly violating pakistan’s airspace. and ofcrouse the world famous statement by our beloved President. “the world is a safer place today because of Mr Bush”.
    Firm decisions are required. Bitter pills are to be swallowed. Personal interests are to ignored. State is to be upheld. We as a nations has always failed to do it in the past. What makes you all think that it is going to be any different this time. After all, the Arena is the same, the players are the same…. only this time …. the game is slightly tougher …..
    thank you


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