Zardari’s Uncertainty

The truth is that a thief remains a thief. Sadly enough, but the true fact is that this country has been compromised earlier, and it is being compromised once again. Every civilian and tyrant ruler exploited this country for it’s evil interests, and this new Zardari “tola” is not any different.

The reason why Zardari doesnt want to reinstate the judges and especially the chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary is that he wants to save his billions of looted money and various assets scattered throughout the world.

On the land of Pakistan, this gory play is being played with impunity, and Zardari has enabled it to reach to the climax. His elders broke the country into half for their interests, and now he is going to sell the country to the Americans and others for ever for peanuts and for his own rule and money and assets.

This is the time when Nawaz Sharif should produce and show some courage and lead the nation from the front.

1 thought on “Zardari’s Uncertainty”

  1. Zardari is no saint, but neither is Nawaz Sharif. Why doesn’t Nawaz Sharif withdraw from the coalition? For that matter, why doesn’t Aitzaz Ahsan leave the Peoples’ Party? It’s because they’re all crooks and only think of their own interests.


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