Zardari’s Foreign Policy

Asif Ali Zardari, the co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party and the newly inducted president of Pakistan, the leader of broken promises and lies has urged India and Pakistan to resolve bilateral issues, including Kashmir, and consider accepting the Line of Control as a permanent border through negotiations and not war. “India and Pakistan must now decide that they would never go to war and resolve all issues, including that of Kashmir, through meaningful dialogue and negotiations. It is in the interest of both the countries to think about accepting the Line of Control as the solution to the Kashmir issue.

In his talks with the Indian Prime Minister, Zardari is now going off limits and more likely doesn’t know exactly what he is doing. He seems to be even more ignorant in the foreign policies than his counterpart, and he is likely to inflict an embarrassing blow to the Pakistan through his follies.

According to the media reports, 91,865 Kashmiris have been killed in the India Occupied Kashmir by the Indian security forces among them 6899 were custodial killings, 9708 Kashmiri women were gang raped & molested, 113798 civilians were arrested, 105353 homes/structures were burnt and destroyed, 106930 children orphaned and 22530 women widowed, since January 1989 to April 30, 2007.

Somebody must tell that to Zardari too.

2 thoughts on “Zardari’s Foreign Policy”

  1. Pakistan will liberate Kashmir…hahahaha. Try escaping from the US bombings first.

    Though he looks like a womaniser, Mr 10% has far better brains than what i expected. He is far more practical than most Pakistanis.

  2. “consider accepting the Line of Control as a permanent border”. Great, this is just what the Indians want. Later on, of course, they can claim the whole of Azad Kashmir as well as the Northern Areas. Someone should tell Zardari that we have spent millions and sacrificed thousands of lives for liberating the whole of Kashmir.


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