Zardari Should Sway from Cosmetics

While living in the cities of Pakistan, and especially in the Karachi, Islamabad or Lahore, it is sometimes hard to believe Pakistan is a poor and turgid country. At present, for example, almost all the leaders in the ruling administration leaders are receiving the protocol usually offered exclusively to the prime minister.

That and the members of the national assemblies, provincial assemblies and the senate are enjoying the booty with as much impunity as possible, and it doesn’t really get revealed that Pakistan is passing through an economic crisis and the meltdown of economy is just round the corner.

The protocol of all the leaders is just exquisite and would shame the leaders of developed countries and the kings. This includes a plethora of armored vehicles, police cars, police, security personnel and private guards accompanying them everywhere – naturally at the expense of the taxpayer. The austerity the prime minister once spoke about is no where in evidence.

Asif Ali Zardari, the new president of Pakistan would better to cut down on these extravaganzas, but then he has to keep his power intact and there is little we could hope for.

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  1. One cant help thinking at times if these leaders are from Pakistan or imported ones like their mercedez benz blast proof walli sarkar!!! I am soo curious about the British Raj but a sure thing is at that time their royal “sawari” may have shown much lesser pomp compared to one of ours in present times.


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