Zardari Has Gone

I just got off the phone with comrades of International Socialists, who are inside the Lahore High Court.

The Atmosphere there is ecstatic.. All the governments plans have gone in disarray..

The police has stopped pelting people, they have stopped the tear-gas. Instead HIGH RANKING Police Officials (of SSP rank and above) are coming inside the High Court and making speeches!!! They are apologizing to the lawyers and civil society activists. They are saying that all that is happening is wrong and from now on they wont hurt them!!! Police officials are, in fact, talking and adjusting with the people inside high court!!!!

Rich Traders of Lahore have also come to the High Court, they are saying that their businesses haven’t been doing well at all, and they are categorically blaming it ALL on Zardari!!!

According to comrades, there must be around 20,000 people in and around High Court and GPO Chowk.

People are not chanting Zardari ko jana hoga, rather they are saying, ZARDARI TO GAYA!!!!!

Friends (after dodging police) managed to arrange a stall inside High Court. People are buying our monthly Socialist magazine (which has Jalib’s Dastoor printed on it) like anything, in the past few hours around Rs.2300 literature has been sold..

Riaz says that, one thing that is common among everybody in Lahore (Policemen, traders etc.) is that…….Everybody agrees that this “system” has to change.

Long live the Struggle.

International Socialists.

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  1. Oh people of pakistan!!
    zardari wont go easily, he is earning money to get his daughters married with some rich man? and want to make properties for bilawal? cause they belive in easy money earning


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