Younus Denounces Lawson

The middle order batsman of Pakistan Cricket Team, Younus Khan has also come forward and joined the group of Lawson Bashers. Geoff Lawson has lately receiving quite a rebuke from the players, media and the board itself.

Recently Geoff Lawson misbehaved with the media and called them many bad things. Then he also treated the Pakistan Cricket Board officials pretty rudely. Geoff Lawson also reportedly dealt with the senior players quite harshly, and he is on record many time has asked board to release the olden players like Younus Khan and Mohammad Yousuf.

Younus Khan never liked the Australian Coach to Pakistan team, and he always asserted that this coach was too lame to prepare the Pakistani team for the aggressive modern cricket. Though Younus Khan himself remained a colossal failure as far as the batting is concerned, his position was heard in the corridors of PCB.

The clashes of Younus Khan with Shoaib Malik are not new for anyone, and as Geoff Lawson and Shoaib Malik are at the same side, this battle would go on and shows another round of strife in the national team.

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