You can run you can hide but you cannot escape

The government has announced that a 54% increase in electricity charges has been approved and soon will be implemented. Unfortunately it will be the poor that will suffer the most with this stance initiated by the government. As the upper and upper middle class will use other alternatives for electric usage such as petrol and gas generators, the poor class with no choice and alternative would have to rely on the same electricity provided by WAPDA.

Alas, the poor…. You can run, you can hide, but you cannot escape my love! The mandatory and obligatory discriminations initiated by government on the lower class in Pakistan are leading us towards another great economic depression where people were forced to commit economic suicides. In such circumstances when the poor has no choice left despite working all day long to earn and still unable to feed his children, one can expect that the ratio of crimes would certainly increase. This rise in crime ration in an already dysfunctional state would lead towards external factors interferences further destabilizing the political functionaries. And what can one expect from the historically corrupt politicians of Pakistan who may even purchase to for a few billions.

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