You and me in the Democracy!

democracy for you and meDemocracy is infamously advertised as the government for the people, from the people, by the people. It self expresses the role and importance of people in making this process successful. But in order to fulfill this role that you and me have been assigned we need to be fully aware about the functionalities of this system.

The understanding of the how, why and what of a democratic organization requires its residents to be educated to a lot of extent. Relevant education will definitely help them to more impartial in its decision making. The bigger the portion of uneducated people
the more likely it is to fall prey to radical ideologies. These ideas might seem to offer solutions to social problems but a keener glance tells us how they unfairly tend to do it on the expense of a social group. Sometimes this suppression of a minority goes unnoticed
since the majority is being spared.

Therefore it does come down to the masses how they define democracy in their country; it’s only if they have a relevant understanding of it themselves that they can make sure
their government doesn’t exploit or misuse it.

So instead of blaming your government blame yourself if your country is in a democratic mess since you have allowed things to go haywire, you have let your country take the plunge down. Thus it is up to you to give it a push up now.

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