Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai Bhai, Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai

Kuch nahin kuch nahin karobar ho raha hai. After shamelessly facilitating Presdient Musharraf’s election by not dissolving the NWFP assembly, Moun Hilana Fazl-ur-Rehman, upon failing to place his puppet as the interim chief minister of NWFP, now demanding something really substantial in the next setup, in which Benazir Bhutto will be the prime minister and General Musharraf will be the president.

After getting elected from all the provincial assemblies and the national assembly, Musharraf has let loose PML-Q to survive on its own. That is why we are hearing the cahoots from the leaders of PML-Q. Chaudhry Shujaat’s “Raat Gai Baat Gai” and Prime Minister’s smile over this are the part of this. PML-Q’s erosion, which started on 10th September, when Nawaz Sharif came back, is becoming more obvious as the days are passing.

If you are bored to death in Ramadan, and want to have some fun, then watch the programs like “Off the Record” on ARYONEWORLD by my friend Kashif Abbasi, “Capital Talk” on GEO by Hamid Mir, “Live with Talat” by Talat Hussain and “Bolta Pakistan” by Mushtaq Minhas and Nusrat Javed on AAJ TV. You would see PPPP representatives like Baber Awan and Raja Pervez Ashraf defending Benazir’s lies and cajoling in a pathetic way, and at the same time, you would savor the pestering of PML-Q reps, who keep on reminding PPPP reps of deal and National Reconciliation.

You could also see the lambs of PML-N, who don’t know the heck about anything, as they know that they don’t have any blessing either from US or agencies in the next elections. If you want to also relish the same kind of wrangling, you could watch the reps of JUI-F and Jamat-e-Islami pulling each other. You cannot really decide who is more hypocrite and disgusting at first, but then as the program progresses you ultimately decide that JUI-F is far much evil than the JI, who is useless anyway.

Musharraf in his “widely-celebrated” and “Best-Selling” book “In the Line of Fire”, which I bought of Rs.10 from a footpath, just for the hell of it, clearly reveals to me that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a fascist, and Benazir the most corrupt lady in world and the a security risk for Pakistan. By the way, I subscribe to this opinion. But then I am gloomy over the wastage of my ten rupees, as now they both have struck a deal, and now the security risk and corrupt lady of yesterday is about to become my Prime Minister.

By the way, can you tell as why exactly Musharraf has suggested to Benazir to not to come back on 18th October?

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