Yahoo! Britney Spears of Internet

Microsoft is surely desperate and yearning pretty badly for the Internet Search market, a very lucrative and the most-used feature of World Wide Web, in which both customer Microsoft and Merchandise Yahoo lag behind Google very badly.

Microsoft was the outfit which started from part-innovation and part-cajoling, but innovation was there, and then it was all copy-cat and wily tactics of the business. It then started growing like a promiscuous mushroom by a spree of acquisitions. Thats is why many pundits and gurus in the Information Technology industry aren’t taking this business deal of Microsoft to acquire Yahoo with much enthusiasm, as they like the development of a company through innovation, rather than through acquisition with hard and ugly cash.

One thing is pretty much certain that Microsoft is gambling on the future, and they are desperate to come to be equivalent of Google, if not surpass them by taking over Yahoo, the dwindling star. Yahoo has become the Britney Spears of Internet, and would Microsoft’s tender yet firm touch facilitate her? That remains to be seen.

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