X-Axis, Axis of Evil and New World Order!

Post World War 1 introduced new patterns in world order. It was during that period of history when Germany, Italy and Japan worked to rule the world and adopted expansionist designs in their policy making. The Allied powers then termed them as x-axis states. Similarly, present world order has been presented by another term in 2002 by America with emphasis on somewhat resembling concept that is axis of evil constituting states of Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

With the deluge of war on terror US policy makers shifted there policy objectives towards the countries that supported and allied themselves in this war rather then of more specific and important fact which was suppose to be there so called axis of evil. But policy adjustments were made on them. For example American led forces attack on Iraq, Iran concluding to shelve its nuclear program for four years and North Korea declaring to disable its nuclear facility in exchange for economic concessions.

The existing world model continues to be designed by the sole super power United States of America. And in the mean while presidential campaigns are also taking place for which the presidential candidates chose to express there paramount knowledge they maintain for south Asia in general and Pakistan in particular. With settlements made by America with axis of evil they diverted there concerns towards Pakistan that is termed as for the best interest of the world but is surely interference in internal affairs of a sovereign state. The democratic America and its democrat party have used Pakistan as an escape goat since long. SEATO, Cento, ping pong diplomacy, the Gipper, Reagan doctrine are historical notions that express who is important for whom. Pakistan with reaching the limits of tolerance of the abuse by American hands; it is to be stated that the new world order has a number of emerging economic giants. Therefore, USA must reconsider its policies before dumping Pakistan once more.

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