The stretches of lines and dots scratched on paper. Dragged from a person’s delicate fibre of being and belief. Tantamount to drawing blood for ink. The very innermost feelings seldom reach the paper. Random musings scatter like droplets of blood on the wind. The deeper veins are difficult to cut and spill.

But maybe that only happens when one is having difficulty writing their emotions.

7 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. i just felt like writing something …. and well here is one … i dont even know why i wrote it …. was just in a strange mood .. i guess …….


    Come, talk to me in black and white
    Come, slow down the winds in my eyes
    Why does this all seem red?
    Where have my colors gone?
    May stay away, still burn within me
    Come for you bring my solitude to your doors
    Come and hook me to your lonesome nights
    God’s sake, dig your nails in my back again
    Once, just once let me be colors again
    Kill me, I am never going to die
    Kill me, for I live on forever
    In your breath
    In your buried sighs and saline tears
    In your besieged times, in your hollow smiles
    In your malignant strength and inquiring fears
    Feel the pulse in my forbidden worships
    Just one color
    Just red

  2. WOW .. there was Aug 07 and then there is Jan 08 ….
    and she appears again … but appreciated .. atleast you thought of writing …. anyways ….. book .. naah .. dont have kinda money … and am not gonna ask my father anymore 😀 😀
    plus . who’s buy it .. i like my self ..but i am not really fond of buying … 599 copies .. of my own book … not 600 . since youd be buying one .. for sure 😀 😀 :P:P .. u have to .. you got me into this mess 😀 😀

    care for another round of poem … i told you .. i d bombard you with it .. /:
    too bad the delay in bombardment … 😀 :D… this is a weird one .. tell me what you make out of it .. 😀 id be waiting ..


    Blood lines write in strange words

    Stories never told for centuries

    People trace their destiny, never look back

    Blood clots, does not die

    Nightmares appear in morning brilliance

    Wet warmth of her tongue

    On his abdomen slabs

    Running a race no one won

    Playing a game of irrational lust

    Digging in to the last depths

    Colossal waves of snow and mud

    Right down the lumpy throats

    Fated for eternity


    Sands of glassy shores cry today

    Orgasmic end of a mechanical worship

  3. you have committed a mistake by encouraging me :P:P now i’d bombard you with all the works :P:P … here is something for you ponder on 😀

    A Divine Perspective of Life

    Speak to me angles they do
    Say, hold on, with bleeding hands
    Hold on to this flimsy evidence of life
    Let those memories seep through your veins
    Nay, touch them, absorb them
    Hear them saturate every beat of your heart
    And when tired of this empty journey
    Make up for all the mistakes you made in life
    Live, live in your majestic madness
    Or a life drenched in seductive sadness
    But live
    For this cold, dark night of silver silence
    Will speak to you one day, someday
    Thus live

  4. Oblivious Plains

    He sits in a dark corner of my heart
    Waiting for the silver lined clouds to cry
    Paradox of steaming ice water to die
    Finding a path in the twisted veins of life
    Not looking for shadows of hope in lights
    Solving the spiral avenues of this isolated fight

    He believes in the dark corner of my heart
    For someone to light a candle
    And whisper a word in his deaf ears
    To unravel his scrambled arms
    And drink the salt of his fears

    He grieves in the dark corners of my heart
    Brilliant death of his core, death of his name
    Slamming back against the walls, breaking bones

    She observes from the silent corners of my heart
    Thinking, �Insane�
    Absorbing the aroma of still dying flowers
    On stage this infinite game
    Ignoring the sting of his arrogant eyes
    Describing the depth of his smiling lies
    She recoils silently
    From the silent corners of my heart


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