Write down 3 things….

Take a piece of paper and write down 3 things you like, 3 things you hate and 3 things you fear. Please do it now. No, i mean it, do it now. You are continuing reading. I need you to stop and do what i said.

You’re still reading! Take a piece of paper and write down 3 things you like, 3 things you hate and 3 things you fear. Do it now. Why are you still reading? You did not do what i said. You are still reading!

Okay, this is more than i can take because you are still reading. You did not do what i said. If you are not willing to do what i say I will not write anymore.

7 thoughts on “Write down 3 things….”

  1. Thank God you dont have the authority to moderate comments, Yusha. Nice try trying to drop a hint to the moderators, though. We can all see what type of person you are. Keep it up buddy, I love it when you expose yourself (you do it everytime you type something). Keep it up.

  2. LOL Shakir you’re right of course. And guess what Shakir? I just had a thought. I think.. are your ready?… THIS GUY IS TRYING TO CATCH UP TO YOU IN NUMBER OF ARTICLES!!!!!LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! Thats why he has some thought (AKA brain fart) and then writes an article about it! Watch your back Shakir!

    And its official, by the way, In addition to be a ignoramus, and misleader, Yusha is now officially a liar as well. Hey Yusha, Why are you still writing? You promised! WAAAAAA WAAAA!!(*crying*) LOOOOOL!

  3. i’m surprised your comment did not get “moderated”.

    There is something we normal people enjoy known as humour. Obviously, an abnormal person like you has never come across it.

  4. Well, if there weren’t people like Yusha in this world, how would we know the difference between “normal” and “abnormal” people? Allah has made people like him so we can be thankful that we’re not like him!

  5. So I didn’t write. I suspect most people didnt as well. So we can expect you to not continue to mislead people with your faulty (mis)knowledge from now on? (Please do not reply, cause that would mean you are a liar as well as a shifty, misleading ignoramus)


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