Work At Home

With the creation and booming of virtual world of internet, new ways to exploit the populace are surfacing every day. One of the most lucrative, easy and effective way to milk people is to lure them to earn money from the cozy environment of their home.

Who doesn’t want to work from his home, sitting on his bed, attired in shorts, a mug of coffee or tea in hand, playing with his toddler? Very few would disagree with that. The scammers capitalize on this. The number of websites offering these fantastic opportunities are popping up like crazy.

Beware of them. Be very very cautious and suspicious of anything smelling of easy money. Nobody could really pay you exorbitant sums just for doing nothing, not even your grand mother. In Pakistan, there is a scam by the name of YasNet, in which people are promised that they would get paid by just clicking on the ads displayed on their computer while connected to net. All they have to do is to pay monthly their internet charges and then pay 1500 Rs to the dealer of YasNet.

This thing is very new in Pakistan especially in the small cities and town. If you have anybody claiming to be doing such a thing in any city of Pakistan, please do contact us through this blog post and let us know about it in detail. Perhaps we could save some of our people from these evil scammers.

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  1. Internet fraud is as old as internet itself. Another form of internet fraud common in the sub continent is click-fraud where people setup a dummy websites or use click softwares to click on online advertisement. These pathetic scums are making it difficult for genuine publishers who work hard on their content and traffic to earn from it. Many reputed advertisers have banned IPs from Pakistan, India and Far-East due to these malicious activities.


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