Work at Fast Pace, Shahbaz

Shahbaz Sharif has got a miraculous chance to do something drastic and revolutionary for the province of Punjab, and he has got the muscle to do it. Last time when he was in the office, he really did it and during the last eight or so years of dictatorship and the disabled leadership of looter Pervaiz Elahi, Punjab is in shambles and at all time low.

Punjab is known in the world for its agriculture. The part of Punjab which is in India is still producing surplus crops, while Pakistani Punjab has gone years back. Such is the incompetence and the criminal performance of the PML-Q and its toadies. They have fulfilled their own vested interests and still they are trying to save their black money.

All that hoarding, price hike and the high-handedness was done by the lotas of PML-Q, and Shahbaz Sharif is right when he talks about comprehending such black elements. He needs to arrest them, and get back the wealth of people. He needs to reveal the corruption of the past, and he needs to work on war footings to eliminate the sufferings of the people of this biggest province of Pakistan.

Shahbaz must know that still Pervez Musharraf and his cronies are after him, and he has got not much enough time. So do it man.

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