Women health status in Pakistan

There is a direct link between the health statuses of women and women’s low societal standing in Pakistan. For instance, the maternal mortality rate in rural Balochistan is 800 maternal deaths to 100,000 live births. This ratio in the end adversely strikes at the health of her children as well as national economy. Not only can these but evident differences among health status of women and men are visible in Pakistani polity. The poor women’s health is as much a social plight as much it is medically.

Factors like lack of awareness regarding women’s health requirements, low literacy ratio, low social status and civil constrains on females are responsible for women’s below standard health in Pakistan. Men and women both are poorly educated about family planning consequently affecting the health of mother and child. Perhaps the greatest loss to the family and economy of a country as one need to comprehend that woman is the glory of all that is created.

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