Witch Doctors

Last Sunday, the moment I glanced the newspaper, I was shocked as it contained a number of advertisements of witch doctors, claiming the solution of every problem and remedy for every misery. The wordings they use are quite interesting and are powerful enough to attract innocent people.

By seeing the newspaper, I decided to visit some of the witch doctors not only to kill my time but also to test them. The moment I stepped into the horrible room of a witch doctor, strong smell of “Agarbattis” hit my nose, which they had put every where in abundance inside the room. After waiting for half an hour, “BIBI SAHAB” got the time to concentrate on me. Without asking from me about my problem, she just looked at me and started telling me about my problem. The guess she made of my problem was absolutely wrong, she gave me a bundle of papers (some numbers were written on them in ink), which she called “TAWEEZ” with the instructions of keeping them in safe place and burning one of the papers in morning, evening and night. I took the whole material with respect and stood up to leave but at the same time she gazed at me and asked Rs.2500 as her fees, I was shocked by hearing this as her fees was more than my expectations, I simply paid her fees and planned to visit another but the cheap one.

This time selected the witch doctor claiming the powers of “Black Magic”, the room was as usual filled with mysterious objects, he gazed at me and asked my purpose of arrival rather than telling me my problem. I just fabricated a story in his front and asked him to suggest me anything. After hearing my so-called problem, he closed his eyes and started murmuring some words, then he suddenly looked at me and said that I am in a very big problem, as someone is doing “Bud Amliat” on me and in order to get rid of it I will have to visit his place twice a week for at least 6 weeks, his fees was Rs.50 per visit but Rs.450 in addition were required for “Dum” that is in all Rs.500 per visit. I paid Rs.500 for that visit and came to home by loosing Rs.3000 in just 3 hours.

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  1. Sallam.thank you for your article,it couldnt have come at a better time!very interesting topic. at this present time i have a visitor in my family home who claims to have come to relieve my sister in law and my husband from black magic. and have had a very hard time this week because of the fact that i like you dont believe in this rubbish!(i am awaiting to see the out come and later see how much money he askes for).


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