Windows Vista

Friday, March 24th, 2006, Microsoft released to testers a new build of Windows Vista , Build 5342. Included in this build is an extensive collection of drivers and the exclusive sidebar. Glass is also a feature that we all have come to respect and love, along with the 3D flip. The official version number is 6.0 Version 5342.winmain_idx04.060321-1730. Internet Explorer 7.0 is build Version 7.0.5342.2. Nice features include a new “Paint” and much needed redesigned network center. This version includes an ” Ultimate Extras ” services (live update, windows live) for those who “own” a copy of window Vista.

“Vista and/or OS X” is the buzz these days. Although people liked this new interface but most of them think that Vista is a carbon copy of Mac’s OS X (the glass efect). “More like as if OSX been ripped off,” some people commented. Some Windows advocates are angry at MS for going so far in that direction.

There are things already in Windows that aren’t really that close to the Mac. But most of what is *new* in Vista, looks a whole lot like MS had their eyes on OS X. Especially, the “hardware accelerated desktop” is definitely in Vista, just like the Mac has had for years, and it’s not in XP.

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