Will Yahoo Repent?

Pundits in the business are predicting that Yahoo isn’t likely to get such a lucrative bid by Microsoft or anyone else in the future, and it would soon be pleading with the Microsoft from the back channels to acquire her at the less price.

To refuse the offer of Microsoft and to delay it was a bad move by Yahoo. This near-death experience will not change the fact that the company long ago lost their edge and best talent or suddenly turn it into a high-growth company in a way that would support a valuation equivalent to what MSFT was willing to pay. Desire does not magically confer ability.

The only way for the survival for Yahoo in the corporate market is to join hands with the Google. Google won’t acquire the elephant of Yahoo, but Yahoo could benefit from Google by joining it. Yahoo could use the Search of Google, and Google could use the online media properties of Yahoo and it’s online advertising.

Whatever the case is, the golden days of Yahoo have passed away.

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