Will PPP Disintegrate

Rest assured that there is no weightage in whatever hell the Pervez Elahi says in his paid public meetings in the wretched places of Gujrat, from where they operate. But really Pakistan People’s Party will just break up in four pieces, and then vanish from the scene?

The thing is that if People’s Party goes down, then it would be a very dangerous and sad day for Pakistan. Pakistan needs a bipartisan or multi-partisan system. But as long as Asif Ali Zardari lead the party, there is very little chance of PPP’s viability and tenacity. He simply doesn’t enjoy the support and approval of Pakistanis.

His proven corruption and cheap personality is now more visible in the masses, as the initial shock wears down. In front of giant personality of Benazir Bhutto, he just seems to be nowhere, and he will never be able to achieve what she achieved.

Already there are strong news that in the cadres of PPP, there are appearing very serious and wide contours, and majority is putting their weight behind Makhdoom Amin Fahim, who is silently working to oust the Zardari factor from the party, according to the wishes of large numbers of party members and leaders.

Makhdoom doesn’t want to make the problems within the party public, because he doesn’t want to defame the name of his late leader. It is now known that Asif Zardari wants to become Prime Minister, and doesn’t want Makhdoom Amin Fahim to play any leading role. And that is what bothering the people inside and outside the party. Makhdoom Amin is an acceptable candidate and option for the most of people.

So now the future of PPP depends largely upon the outcome of their internal contention for the power.

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