Wild Crazy Ideas

In this world, where same idea could pop-up in any one’s mind, same product with different brands could be created and marketed by many, freshness is the key for success and competitive edge.

To become different from the crowd, to get recognized distinctively, to remain at the niche, one has to take chances and do things he hasn’t done before. Wild, Crazy and seemingly insane ideas bring this drastic change forward. Because you’re taking chances and doing things you haven’t done before, so of course you’re going to mess up quite a bit of the time, but still when you get it right, there’s a freshness and vitality that is really inspiring for your end user. So innovate and add new value that even the end users hadn’t thought of.

But the important thing, rather a crucial thing here is not to implement every idea you get. It would be a spectacularly ugly mess to clear up. Think and think hard after getting the wild ideas. Old ideas in new wrappers need to be sound inside. They need to offer something new yet something useful.

The proper way to go is to go one step at a time. Got an idea? Cook it, sleep on it, thrash it, discuss it (ideally with your end users), and then implement it, if it ears its keep from all the stakeholders. It’s like you just plant some seeds in the ground and the rest of the solution magically sprouts into something beautiful and perfect.

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