WikiLeaks: The Broader Picture

It seems that the terror of Wikileaks has gripped the diplomatic circles of the entire world. The release of more than 250,000 classified documents of US has sent the entire political scene packing.

This isn’t the 1st time Wikileaks has come out with these revelations but the magnitude and the material involved this time around is nothing less than “shocking”. Having said this, instead of debating on the contents of the leaked files, more efforts are being paid to the myth surrounding “wikileaks” itself and as expected, conspiracy theories have made their way to the table.

It is crystal clear that Obama administration is not behind this plot, but this fact cannot be ruled out that Obama can gain immensely out of this episode. The documents concerning the situation in Middle East are especially important. The leaks clearly expose Arab leaders pushing Washington to wipe out the Iranian threat once and for all. There is also Israeli input on this issue which is understandable but the way Arab leaders have conducted themselves behind the curtain is simply “shameful”. This brings out the memories of US invasion of Iraq( 2003) when it was again reported that Saudi’s were more eager to remove Saddam than team Collin Powell. We will leave it here for the conclusion toward the end.

The other classified documents making headlines remain that of the US allies in Europe mainly UK, France and Germany. The documents go much further from the attributes mentioned about different leaders. In fact, it seems that somehow the US diplomats have conveyed the reluctance of European leaders in fulfilling their commitment with the alliance (NATO) especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. This comes immediately after Obama gathered them behind his 2014 roll out plan from Afghanistan.

Revelations regarding Pakistan have not surprised me much as the foreign powers have shared the same idea as we have with regard to our leadership. But this once again makes it clear of the massive foreign involvement and blessings behind the establishment of governments in Pakistan. Pakistan’s determination to safe guard its nuclear arsenal has also made its way in the list of leaked documents. One assessment associated with French intelligence chief regarding Army Chief and the establishment of Haqqani network has raised many eyebrows. The document reveals how COAS is running the show from behind the scene and his disagreement on launching military operation in NWA remains the policy of the state.

In all, it seems that once again the “anti establishment/ war/ Neo Cons” lobby has surfaced in America but they have changed their way of operation. Wikileaks and its founder should not be considered as computer hackers making their way to the top secret files of US administration. The themes of the document published shows the direction in which they are moving.

The founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange is on the run, but a preview of his profile shows that the feathers in his cap are of such nature that he cannot be ignored. The internet activist from Australia has pocketed many prestigious awards during his career and it shows that in US his show is running due to the blessings of the insiders until now.

In terms of the Middle East sage, these documents have given US public an insight into the fact that their boys are dying while fighting unjust and other’s war. Same is the case with the Afghan episode where between the lines they can read that one by one they will be abandoned by their allies. In short it will be US boys with Taliban on one hand while corrupt and unpopular Karzai regime on the other hand. In all this drama is to indirectly “change” the way US administrations have behaved from Bush Jr till Obama. Somehow instead of the “change” promised by Obama never started from the top, but this silent effort is directed to bring this “change” from bottom instead.

The denial by our leadership In Pakistan surprises many. Where others around the world have started re-assessing their policy with regard to US, they are still commenting about the authenticity of these documents. Visionaries!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. why go after RBS and other world banks for supporting wikileaks in the past..they are acting on behalf otf a lot of pressure from the american government who caused this problem in the first place!!! Target their major bank…notice how they are not involved..mmmmmmmmmmm


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