Wife wants to be treated with love, not like a fly

Many people don’t notice a fly in their house until it bugs them. Similarly, after doing countless things for the husband, when a wife doesn’t get any attention she bugs him, and she has his attention!

Many people talk about controlling a wife, and some go as far as talking about beating a wife. What a disgrace! A woman is best controlled with love. Many relationships go sour only because of the husband’s big ego and his inability to love. Women want love as much as anything else.

I went with my cousin to a gift shop and saw some very inexpensive items with ‘I love you’ written on them. My immediate thought was that you don’t have to gift a diamond to make her happy. Something very inexpensive can have a great effect.

I visited a blog which had a few quotes from matrimonial websites but one stood out. It is as follows: I have lot of problem in my life because of my luck. now I am looking one boy he care me and love me lot lot lot.

Once again, shows how much women want to be loved.

2 thoughts on “Wife wants to be treated with love, not like a fly”

  1. Women abuse is a serious concern on which I think the media should take a step up. There are videos of Taliban shooting women in the head on national TV. This is seriously condemned and these elements should be washed off from the country. I praise the Army.

  2. Equality and justice is what our religion teaches and a vey moderate way of life. Militants and all these people have mixed it up. They would kill women and children but this is condemned. Like the other day Taliban said they believe in Islamic bombing ONLY! I can not make much out of this statement.


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