Why Western society continues to prosper

Those who are in the habit of decrying non-Muslims should first examine why Muslims are so backward. Although sixty percent of the oil wealth is in Muslim countries, the fifty seven Islamic nations have only five hundred universities. Compared to this, in the U.S. alone there are five thousand universities. The result is apparent for all to see. Muslims have not invented anything so far, while those who live in the West are planning to land on Mars (I doubt if most Muslims are even aware that there are other worlds out there beside our own). It is this lack of education that has turned the 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet into virtual paupers, while the Jews (who number only twelve to fifteen million) are way ahead in science and technology.

Again, education has made Christians in the West very tolerant (I’m not referring to the small minority which deliberately attacks or provokes Muslims, since there are psychos in every society, including our own). They do not react violently if their beliefs are challenged. They don’t give a damn whether their neighbour drinks cow piss or camel piss, as long as they don’t create any trouble. And they’re not bothered if their employee is heavily bearded or clean shaven, as long as he does his work honestly. They’re not scared that if they allow people of other faiths to settle in the U.S., the locals will convert to the new religions. They know that the new settlers will be absorbed in their society and become useful members. This, then, is the difference between us and them.

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  1. hi the arabs was building stone cities when the west was still living in caves they new about new planets be for the usa had radio telispopes most people in the west are thick think tv is the limits of what they no think about c railton uk

  2. “Mind your business” is the punch line for western socio-cultural fabric. There are individuals and organizations focussed on their professional tasks. You wouldn’t find army running real estate or foreign policy, beaurocrats commenting on politics so on and so forth. Not all are interested who went to whose place after dinner and said what/ heard what & and what happend to the grand alliance was it made or broken yesterday! Thus there are less time wasting opportunities.

    There is no (what I call) criss-cross within society. The relatives wont show up for a month to scan your movements and later make a grand fuss about it causing you frustration, anger and depression for months to come. In the lonely nights you would find yourself thinking “what did I do wrong” and believe me you will never get the answer because you never did anything wrong!

    PATIENCE is another factor. When I returned home after some long years abroad, I almost instantly realized that people are so edgy here, give me five minutes I can make anyone “scold me” or “hit me” in even lesser time. LOL. You actually need to be wierdo or a retard to make someone that angry in the “regular” west.

    Please stop attributing everything to Islam, it may be a sin when we try to pull everything towards it. With our shallow knowledge of the subject we should seek guidance, think more and speak less.

    Lastly, its beyond compare!

  3. Western societies continue to prosper because people dont have 10 kids. Because they use condoms, because they mind their own business, because they don’t practice Black Magic, because girls are not forced into marriage, because they are not birth machines, because they can divorce their husband whenever they want, because their is law enforcement, because elders earn respect instead of demanding it, because if a father beats his child like a dog he can call the police, because muslims follow the society’s version of Islam and Christians actually follow the real Islam, even though they don’t recognize Islam.

  4. I forgot to write that they do not issue “fatwas” every other day calling others “kafirs” or infidels. They provide education for their daughters and do not force them to marry at a tender age (almost all girls in rural Pakistan are married off between the ages of 12 & 14).


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