Why We Grow Out Of Believing In Magic?


Love can be magical…
Our dreams for our future can be magical…

Anything in that we add a special meaning can be magical.

Many times though, life has an offensive way for all that is magical. We get disappointed many times. When our parents start having marital problems we start to look at marriage and love differently. When we see officials in higher positions abusing their power we can’t help but look at our future with hopelessness.

Sometimes, our conditions, our painful circumstances obtain us to wish we had never believed in those magical dreams so that there will not be any freight of losing them. Some people start saying that there is no God, that it’s all make believe. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it’s a horrible crime to end someone’s faith or dream or magic…

If people would lose their fear of being judged, and just continue talking about their “magical romance”, or their “magical children” or “teachers”, we would all be much happier and less depressed.

There are so many beautiful things in this planet. It is not all about money and fame. If it is, why there are so many suicides in today’s society? Why there are so many people killing themselves with drugs? Money and fame is not enough. They need magic in their life and magic is not always something that can be touched. Most of the time, magic is hidden; magic is inside you, and the world you create…

The major strong point is that one should have faith on themselves and losing own belief in life and their existence in this world is the most defeating thing one can do as a human being.

1 thought on “Why We Grow Out Of Believing In Magic?”

  1. wonderful post.. took a while to get here:)… the events in our life shape our thinking. I think sorroundings if changed the health both physical and psychological is benefitted or reversed. I agree with loss of belief system can be a killer. Its a personal thing.


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