Why Waqar Younis resigned?

Some days ago I watched the program “Bolein kia baat hai” on the Geo Super. It was really an interesting program. There were the member PCB and Waqar Younis, the former Pakistani cricketer and the bowling coach.

The issue was Why Mushtaq Ahmed, the former cricketer, selected as the balling coach when Waqar was doing a good job. Well Waqar resigned himself! But why?

There was a conspiracy going against him. The captain actually wanted to keep Mushtaq Ahmed so the feedback to the management PCB was given against Waqar, although he had been efforting hard to make things right.

Actually Waqar had gone to Hajj and in his absence the others decided that he was no more needed. When he returned and heard that, he resigned! Though they didn’t ask him to do this but saying that he was not needed anymore was itself very humiliating.

If such conspiracies and favoritisms prevailed, our cricket team would no more remain competent.

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  1. He’s gone on record and said that the chairman himself asked him to put his resignation in and be done with it. Now that kind of attitude against someone like Waqar is atrocious to say the least !


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