Why They Tilt at Wrong Side

In our routine, we may be swaying towards the wrong side. Sometimes we know it, and sometimes we don’t. Its pretty much easy to get our predilection towards the wrong end of the equilibrium. There are myriad number of ways, one could go wrong.

It all boils down to the situation and palisade of time. Though this doesn’t encompass those who are mentally retarded and psychologically ill. The tilt towards the negative results in rage, violence and terror. A negatively tilted person could be in any mafia terrorizing the local community, or he could be in any terrorist group or in any hired criminal group or in any militia hell bent on defying the law and order. He mindlessly follow seemingly just ideologies that encourage any means necessary to realize his so-called false noble ends.

Desire to pendulum towards the evil side could be triggered due to the burning desire to get rich or to get famous. Desire to remain or become “belong” can also motivate someone to do negative things for short time benefits.

They go wrong by doing nothing, staying put, by being guilty of the evil of inaction, doing what their mentors or mind urged them, not to get involved, to “mind their own business,” and let bad things happen by looking the other way and holding their eyes shut and conscience shut.

Tilting towards the negative side is a swamp. It engulfs the good people very slowly and the process remains virtually and mostly un-noticeable until its too late. Small things pile up to become a monster. Every actions decides the direction of the tilt. So be always on your toes of what you are doing or about to do. First judge the tilt and then tread the path accordingly.

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