Why there is no rigging in Indian elections

Why is there no rigging in the Indian election? Elections in India, which is seven times the size of Pakistan, are spread over a period of at least one month. Recently in Gujrat, it took the election conducting authorities five days to conduct the elections and count the votes before announcing the result. Theoretically, this should enable heavy rigging, but no losing candidate in India has ever accused the winner of indulging in rigging. The reason, of course, is that the election commissioner and others conducting the elections are scrupulously honest and impartial. The Indian superior judiciary is, by and large, incorruptible, although corruption in the lower courts has been recorded.

This should tell us that to make sure that no rigging takes place, we need to have an independent election commissioner. Also, it doesn’t make sense to have both national and provincial elections on the same day, as mistakes can be made in counting the votes under pressure. There is also no need to have holidays during the days elections are being held; people can go and vote anytime during the day. During the flawed referendum that Musharraf held in 2002, I voted during the lunch break, as it was a working day.

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  1. In India elections are rigged, if you have more money than the other party you win. BJP couldnt buy the elections the last time as they were not as corrupt. COngress has made a lot of money on some very big scandals. As they are flush with cash they will win. The rigging game is such that it is hard to tell if it was won by real or fake votes( the key is 55 to 45). SO no matter who you vote for, it is already known who will be in power, so much for free and fair. Nothing in India is free and fair.

  2. Rigging in indian elections have marginalized only for the last 10 yrs or so … before that heavy bogus voting and result tempering have taken place in the election …. but yes u dont often see leaders pointing fingers on election commission … its not due to they put national interest above themselves … but they fear EC a lot after all EC is big daddy of all those national parties when it comes to election. There were many cases when opposition have lounged protest against not so fair election and they won their cases in courts and re-election.
    But i am happy to say that now elections are being conducted in highly fair and neat manner. Even in the so called most lawless state “bihar” recent election held in very fair way despite being threaten by some nexus in some remote areas … thats a good sign for rising democracy.

  3. Interesting notion. However, if you study democracies such as India or the United States and the traditional role of the opposition, it is not the absence of rigging that brings stability and faith in the democratic process. Rigging happens everywhere, even in India. Its part and parcel of Politics.

    What sustains democracy and gives everyone the semblance of a “saaf and shafaf election” is the acknowledgement of the result. It is done in the better interest of the nation and for the sustainability of democracy. It is not one or two rigged elections that cause damage to a country, but it is the uncertainty that cause the most damage.

    For example, we all know that the Bush’s brother rigged the elections in Florida. Remember those ballot boxes that got stolen, the whole car chase, and then they were found in a swamp?

    If Al Gore asked for a judicial inquiry he could have had a victory. But he didn’t. He chose the better interest of the United States over his personal or party interests. If he did ask for an inquiry, it would have created uncertainty, mistrust, finger pointing and a nation divided.

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that true leaders think beyond themselves, and always keep the nation first in their priorities. They have the vision to think a few steps ahead and serve the larger interest. That, my friend, is leadership. That is why even when elections are rigged, they are never rigged.


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