Why the youth of today is so inspired by the western culture?

Why the youth of today is so inspired by the western culture.

This question is frequently asked by the people, as this thing is increasing day by day. There could be many reasons…like it may be due to deviancy from our religion, as a culture of any nation reflects its religion. We have left following our religion and have forgotten the difference between right and wrong and hence fell prey to other cultures. Basically we don’t understand our culture truly, its norms, its boundaries and don’t respect it…we feel proud to follow others step…why? Why don’t we feel proud to be ourselves?

The second reason is the media. The media of today is exploiting the personalities of new generation. It presents the western world in such a glittering way that anybody can become its victim. I have seen many youngsters who have acquired the western culture like dressing, way of talking and eating…each and every thing reflects their obsession for the western culture. They loved to be called American or British than Pakistanis…its really shameful that we have lost our true identity and are following others…..

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  1. Why is this topic so incredibly tiny? If you’re to illustrate such a massive issue, you gotta take it seriously and at least put on something which is elaborated in 900 to 1000 words, or perhaps even more, this doesn’t even do justice mate.

  2. Westernization has intruded so deeply into our culture that the Islamic values and “Adaabs” have faded away. The obligations of a Muslim have long been forgotten. No longer do people respond to the call for prayers, No longer do they keep fasts in Ramzan, in fact, they eat or smoke openly. Alcohol, prostitution, drugs are becoming regular and despite their openness, no actions are being taken to eliminate them from our society.

  3. Yes I totally agree we “Pakistanis” are highly influenced by the western culture. We are leaving our own culture and are blindly following the West.The flabbergasting consequences are evident the way we speak, dress up, behave etc.

  4. i think thats true. indian youth is so shameful.our culture is the richest in d world.and then also todays youngsters are so foolish that they r following western culture

  5. This is a fact. nowadays Pakistani youth is more interested in the
    western culture. people strongly believe that if one knows how to speak in
    English they are the best. why? why can we not speak our national language?if we wont respect our national language others wont withal. we must know English because its an international language but we need to keep balance.
    we think wearing Shalwar Kameez is too uncool , speaking in Urdu is
    uncool, and listening to urdu or hindi songs is uncool or is even considered
    cheap. we must understand and respect our own culture rather than
    copying the American culture.

  6. While the topic is worth exploring, your take at it is just an abstract view and fails to paint a more detailed picture of the whys and hows. I would appreciate it if the topic is fully explored and various aspects regarding it are fully analyzed. Do drop me an email when you do so, since I would like to reread it then.


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