Why so Injustice?

One day I was coming from my college when I saw a small boy selling flowers. He was standing on the road and was asking every passerby to buy his flowers but nobody paid any heed to his plea. He went to many car drivers but…..after some time I saw a beggar came there and was asking for money and I was stunned to see that most of the people gave him money…the reason of my astonishment was that why he was given money while he hasn’t done any labor .I mean he got the money without any struggle of work…why?. Whereas, the boy who was selling flowers and was asking to buy them and not begging like the beggar ,wasn’t given any attention. Its truly unfair because he was acquiring the money through right way whereas the beggar was through wrong! why is there so injustice that the person who earns through right way is not responded positively and the one who begs which is wrong is responded positively…this attitude encourages beggary…if we will not discourage this act then, a day will come that all the hawkers whether the one who sells flower or newspaper, will start begging as its not hardworking as selling is …so we should buy something from them, then giving money to beggars.

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  1. what we conclude abt the life of hawkers how much difficulties there family faced and there children also and they themself also
    and what we can do for the bettermant of hawkers


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