Why should we have elections?

It is now well known that Pakistan is being directly controlled by the sole superpower, the U.S. Whatever happens here (including the formation of the budget and the imposition of taxes) is done on the orders of those who sit in Washington. We know that Benazir Bhutto made a mess of things during her two stints in power, yet we are being told that she should be the next prime minister, because the U.S. government thinks she is suitable for us.

So the question arises: why the hell should we spend so much time and money in holding elections? Why not simply ask whoever is selected by the U.S. government to come over and occupy the seat of power? Just think of the amount of time and money that will be saved.

Whenever there is an election, we have two holidays, one for the national elections and the other for the provincial polls (by the way, Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world where there are national holidays on which general elections are held). And then of course there are those endless speeches by candidates who know they have no chance at all of winning. During the election campaign, workers of one party clash with workers of their rival parties, often resulting in needless deaths. And after the elections, there are the usual charges of rigging by the losing candidates. So, until we have attained a high level of literacy, we should refrain from holding elections.

6 thoughts on “Why should we have elections?”

  1. i kinda agree wid u shakir , but i guess we have 2 live wid it no matter how gud the elections goes at da end of the day minister will be the one chossen by our dady bush 😀

  2. The question really remains: Who should one vote for in the circumstances that one feels none of the candidates are suitable for the positions. That is usually the case in Pakistan, wherein voters exercise the right to Not vote i.e. Abstain. Unfortunately our data gathering is weak on those numbers.

    A number of European countries today are actually coming up with the system of having ‘Abstain – I do not think any candidate is good enough for the job’ as an option. Following elections, these stats are then revealed publicly to show the strength or weakness of the mandate of the winner.

  3. please vote people !!!! your votes will make the difference you want, its the vote apathy thats stopping our country to have the rightful president don’t do it this time of the year!!!!

  4. true..why to go through all that JHUNGHUT….but how long do we have to wait??if this country is controlled by such people ..it would remain the same…how do you expect the literacy rate to change …only the the poverty rate would be effected….according to which theres no point in waiting??…no we have to do something…i dont know what ..but yes soemthing

  5. Please, please do poll in elections. It is only because of silent majority of people that a party like PPP (or any other for that matter) attains 30% (or may be less) of 25% votes cast, and still claims to be the largest political party in Pakistan. Vote for some one. If you think there is no one eligible, write so on ballet paper. Just imagine 50% of votes polled are ‘rejected’ in coming elections. Wouldn’t it give something for our political parties to think about. At least they would not have moral courage to say that we represent a huge majority of people of Pakistan.


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