Why safe exit for Musharraf?

Nowadays the sizzling issue across the world is impeachment of President Pervez Musharraf. There are two possibilities in this regard, either the president will be impeached or he will be provided a safe exit.

The question which arises from the present scenario is that why Mr. Pervez Musharraf is being provided with the opportunity of safe exit? It is obvious that if the president will be impeached then he would surely be hanged for the unforgivable sins he has committed like killing of innocuous people during Lal Masjid operation, killing of innocent people in tribal areas and the list goes on.

He should, not at all, be provided with a safe exit. Everyone’s life is equally important. If he can snatch away people’s life that easily, then why can’t his life be snatched away.

Mr. Musharraf is a murderer. He, alone, is responsible for killing thousands of people and so he should be punished for it. He should be hanged to death. Only then, the families of those whose loved ones were killed on the orders of our so called president will be able to absolve the Pakistani Government.

3 thoughts on “Why safe exit for Musharraf?”

  1. Nah! leave it… in this country the people who die aren’t that well connected and wealthy. We are between rock and a hard place since ..ummm 1947 if not earlier!!

  2. if musharraf should be hanged then mr nawaz sharif and zardari should also be held accountable for their crimes.if wer talking abt justice then it should certainly be applied to all.


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