Why Rulers Are So Terrified ?

Hassle and Haste in the looming presidential elections is creating new ripples on the political horizon in Pakistan. New changes have been made in the laws regarding the issue of who exactly can compete in the election by the Election Commission of Pakistan, which blatantly enables President Musharraf to compete for the Presidency, while holding another government office.

An early date of presidential elections plus the changes in the rules of the game have not thrown a very good light on the already tarnished image of the present regime. Why the haste and why bend the rules. President Musharraf and his allies pride themselves in giving a new culture of tolerance and openness to Pakistan, yet they are following the old tactics to maintain the rules.

Why don’t they trust their performance of the past years, and advice Musharraf to get elected from the new assemblies, which would not only shut the mouths of opposition, but also will give a new boost to his image. And of course, why doesn’t he shed his uniform now, and by showing confidence upon his abilities and the measures taken by him , which we hear daily in the advertisements on all the television channels and read in all newspapers and magazines, he should bravely compete the elections.

By this new announcement by the Election Commission, presidency has become a game. Many government employees are just ready to compete for the top office. A senior clerk of income tax office from Peshawer has just acquired the nomination papers for the president elections. A one, Doctor Anwar is also committed to stand against Musharraf in the elections. This serious issue has become yet another non-serious thing.

While this important juncture in our history passes by, the nation remains apathetic and watch in indifference.

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