Why people of Swat support Taliban?

Afghanistan has proved to be an unlucky state for Pakistan while sharing its longest border. Some previous pacts made by governments of Pakistan/heads of state have resulted in infiltration of Afghanis in Pakistan without any calculation or record. This infiltration was never limited to humans only but the traditions, customs and norms of life were also migrated with them. One of these customs or one can say means of survival has been their forceful inception of young boys to fight for them in their wars and battles against strong enemies.

As soon as Taliban entered swat and began their activities, their first step was installation of fear through show of weapon. Then, they created an atmosphere where they asked local men to have beard and women shall remain in veils, as it is Islam. With this, there remained no difference between who is local and who is Taliban. I mean who can actually differentiate among true Taliban and locals if they have the same dress code?

With the operation initiated against their activities by government, they simply adopted the same policy of forceful inception of young boys of the area to fight for them against the army. In such a situation when one’s near and dears are fighting on the side of Taliban, who can actually support the government operation? This leads to no choice for the locals to simply support them. In such a situation many families have also reported that they cannot even leave the area as Taliban have their children who are brain washed and used as a human weapon.

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  1. Well Allah Pakistan ko zarur qaiem rakhay gaa, but there is no guarantee that politians are going to allow Pakistan to flourish. In fact Pakistan has to decide that they are with Talibans or not? the reason, Pakistan is fooling enitre world to save talibans and talibans are intelligent enough that they are continuously destroying Pakistan. Just look at the Islamic world, which Islamic country is supporting talibans, or al-qaida other than Pakistan. and the net result is are our streets, scholars, imams, religious leaders, mosques, schools or is any part of Pakistan is safe for us? its all because of our love for talibans.
    Saudi Arabia and Sudan were intelligent enough that they kicked OBL out of their boundaries. look at mullah Umar, he kept OBL close to his heart and put entire country into fire. look at Pakistani leadership they are also keeping them close to their heart, and destroying the country. look at the foolish Pakistani people, they are offering prayers for OBL, who throughout his life was against every single Pakistani citizen. look at his character, look at the killings that took place at his orders in Pakistan. there is a small estimate that 35,000 innocent citizens, 3,000 armymen and about 2,000 police and security people were killed. OBL deserves the credit for sending these men to heavens through shahadat.
    we need to realize that talibans are death, wherever they go, they gift death, may it be Afghanistan or Pakistan. therefore, Pakistani’s need to get rid of them and make their country safe and a better place to live….

  2. the swat people r not support to taliban .taliban support every body known that look that first governament provide radio station in swat for mulana fuzllulah y?

  3. actually sawat people are patriotc but there are black sheeps in our country.some other countries are involve in aal situation and these countreis didnt accept our contry by heart and that is clear to aal pakistani.india israel nd america.that is not my thought or we cant say it athought.it s very clear and proved.and afghanistan is helping them.india is giving them weapons to kill our inoccent people.americon dont like that islamic country as atomic power.i think they know that in qayamat day we will drop atomic bomb on them first.india is involved in balouchistan.i dont no who permit them to do so.well swat people are patriotic they r not supporting terrorist.the taliban r also good the terrorist r washing brain of them.the real terrorist is america israel and india who r supportin terrorist.ALLAH KAYAMAT TAK PAKISTAN KI KAEM RAKHY.OR AAJ KAL JO BURY HALLAAT HAEN JALD THEEK HOON.INSHALLAH.RAMZAN MUBARAK TO AAL.

  4. Actually, people of Swat left their homes because they were made to do so by the Army. Radio messages to people warned them of dire consequences if they remained in their homes. People of swat were so afraid of “collateral damage” that they wasted no time in leaving their homes.

  5. helo!i think these are not the local people who are involved in these activities.these are purely non muslims who just want to destabilize pakistan.and i think this really affects our nations stability and unity.it means they are successful and they got what they want to in our country.i know many peoples around me who have the point of view that the people involved in these activities are from FATA and tribal areas.so they are successful.they destroy our country and its people.pakistan is in a serious state of danger.

  6. Mr. Abbasi: you’re dead right. These people never paid taxes, they were given free electricity and they returned the favour by smuggling weapons, drugs and other manufactured products into Pakistan, resulting in millions of drug addicts, thousands killed by klashnikovs, and factories in the country being closed owing to smuggled goods. Whatever else Soofi Mohammed does, you can bet he will never stop smuggling, since he and his supporters need the money to further their nefarious aims.

  7. Ms Kazmi,
    I am replying at this forum for the earlier post you did in response to my query. First o f all I am thankful to you for answering my question.
    Your justification that non development, unemployment and lack of oppertunity has become the greatest catalyst for the inclination of local people to Taliban.
    If thats the case, is the government of Pakistan responsible? I mean what is the basic rule of political science. You pay taxes and in return you are given the services.
    Sorry to say, the tradition there has been that they will drive non custom vehicles, deal in smuggled items, no taxation and no bills. In that case, there will be no development for them on the cost of money I pay from my pocket, to avail these oppertunities.
    The 2nd portion is the inclusion of youth into Taliban. Mam I believe that in case those Talibans are beheading the people of security forces, burning the schools and provoking suicide bombing, the one who is supporting them is a traitor to his mother land. And what has made your mother land supreme from your own intrest, I mean from childhood we have heard stories in this regard, of our brave soldiers giving up every thing to fight for this cause, was it a lie or what we are presently witnessing is a lie?
    I will give you a small clue what Americans evolved back in 1949 known as “TRUMAN DOCTORINE”



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