Why Muslims are weak!

Extracts of speech by Hafez Adv. AB Mohamed: Director Al Baraka Bank, South Africa


– World Jewish Population. 14 million

– Distribution:

– 7m in America
– 5m in Asia
– 2m in Europe
– 100 thousand in Africa

– World Muslim Population: 1.5 billion

– Distribution:

– 1 billion in Asia/Mid-East
– 400 m in Africa
– 44 m in Europe
– 6 m in the Americas

Every fifth human being is a Muslim.

For every single Hindu there are two Muslims

For every Buddhist there are two Muslims

For every Jew there are 107 Muslims

Yet the 14 million Jews are more powerful than the entire 1.5 billion Muslims


Here are some of the reasons.

Movers of Current History:

– Albert Einstein Jewish
– Sigmund Freud Jewish
– Karl Marx Jewish
– Paul Samuelson Jewish
– Milton Friedman Jewish

Medical Milestones:

– Vaccinating Needle Benjamin Ruben Jewish
– Polio Vaccine Jonas Salk Jewish
– Leukemia Drug Gertrude Elion Jewish
– Hepatitis B Baruch Blumberg Jewish
– Syphilis Drug Paul Ehrlich Jewish
– Neuro muscular Elie Metchnikoff Jewish
– Endocrinology Andrew Schally Jewish
– Cognitive therapy. Aaron Beck Jewish
– Contraceptive Pill Gregory Pincus Jewish
– Understanding Human Eye. G. Wald Jewish
– Embryology. Stanley Cohen Jewish
– Kidney Dialysis Willem Kloffcame Jewish

Nobel Prize Winners: In the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 180 Nobel prizes whilst 1.5 billion Muslims have contributed only 3 Nobel winners

Inventions that changed History:

– Micro- Processing Chip. Stanley Mezor Jewish
– Nuclear Chain Reactor Leo Sziland Jewish
– Optical Fibre Cable Peter Schultz Jewish
– Traffic Lights Charles Adler Jewish
– Stainless Steel Benno Strauss Jewish
– Sound Movies Isador Kisee Jewish
– Telephone Microphone Emile Berliner Jewish
– Video Tape Recorder Charles Ginsburg Jewish

Influential Global Business:

– Polo Ralph Lauren Jewish
– Coca Cola Jewish
– Levi’s Jeans Levi Strauss Jewish
– Starbuck’s Howard Schultz Jewish
– Google Sergey Brin Jewish
– Dell Computors Michael Dell Jewish
– Oracle Larry Ellison Jewish
– DKNY Donna Karan Jewish
– Baskin & Robbins Irv Robbins Jewish
– Dunkin Donuts Bill Rosenberg Jewish

Influential Intellectuals/Politicians:

– Henry Kissinger, US Sec of State Jewish
– Richard Levin, President Yale University Jewish
– Alan Greenspan, US Federal Reserve Jewish
– Joseph Lieberman Jewish
– Madeleine Albright, US Sec of State Jewish
– Casper Weinberger, US Sec of Defense Jewish
– Maxim Litvinov, USSR Foreign Minister Jewish
– David Marshal, Singapore Chief Minister Jewish
– Isaacs Isaacs, Gov-Gen Australia Jewish
– Benjamin Disraeli, British Statesman Jewish
– Yevgeny Primakov, Russian PM Jewish
– Barry Goldwater, US Politician Jewish
– Jorge Sampaio, President Portugal Jewish
– Herb Gray, Canadian Dep-PM Jewish
– Pierre Mendes, French PM Jewish
– Michael Howard, British Home Sec. Jewish
– Bruno Kriesky, Austrian Chancellor Jewish
– Robert Rubin, US Sec of Treasury Jewish

Global Media Influentials:

– Wolf Blitzer, CNN Jewish
– Barbara Walters ABC News Jewish
– Eugene Meyer, Washington Post Jewish
– Henry Grunwald, Time Magazine Jewish
– Katherine Graham, Washington Post Jewish
– Joseph Lelyyeld, New York Times Jewish
– Max Frankel, New York Times Jewish

Global Philanthropists:

– George Soros Jewish
– Waltewr Annenberg Jewish

Olympic Gold Medalists

– Mark Spitz 7 Gold Medals Jewish
– Krayzelburg Jewish
– Boris Becker Jewish

Why are they powerful?

So why are Muslims powerless? Here’s another reason. We have lost the capacity to produce knowledge.

– In the entire Muslim World (57 Muslim Countries) there are only 500 universities.
– In USA alone, 5,758 universities
– In India alone, 8,407 universities

Not one university in the entire Islamic World features in the Top 500 Ranking Universities of the World

– Literacy in the Christian World 90%
– Literacy in the Muslim World 40%

– 15 Christian majority-countries, literacy rate 100%
– Muslim majority – countries , None

– 98% in Christian countries completed primary

– Only 50% in Muslim countries completed primary.

– 40% in Christian countries attended university

– In Muslim countries a dismal 2% attended.

– Muslim majority countries have 230 scientists per one million Muslims
– The USA has 5000 per million
– The Christian world 1000 technicians per million.
– Entire Arab World only 50 technicians per million.
– Muslim World spends on research/development 0.2% of GDP
– Christian World spends 5 % of GDP

Conclusion: The Muslim World lacks the capacity to produce knowledge.

Another way of testing the degree of knowledge is the degree of diffusing knowledge.

– Pakistan 23 daily newspapers per 1000 citizens
– Singapore 360 per 1000 citizens.
– In UK book titles per million is 2000
– In Egypt book titles per million is only 20

Conclusion: Muslim World is failing to diffuse knowledge

Applying Knowledge is another such test.

– Exports of high tech products from Pakistan is 1% of its exports.
– In Saudi Arabia is 0.3%
– Kuwait, Morocco and Algeria 0.3%
– Singapore alone is 58%

Conclusion: Muslim World is failing to apply knowledge.

So why are the Muslims so powerless!!!


20 thoughts on “Why Muslims are weak!”

  1. Salaams

    Point taken. We have only ourselves to blame for the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

    The contributions of Jews to the advancement of medicine and science has to be commended.

    However, we must also ask:
    How many of the people in the list are practising Jews? How many are actually atheists? And some in the list have done nothing commendable. People like Kissinger, Weinberger, Allbright are mass murderers. Disraeli was a colonialist who caused untold mischief and mayhem. And the less said about Marx and Freud the better!

  2. Mr Lakhani,

    I’ll be fair to you. Since i wasted by time on that dirty hypocrite Fuad i’ll spend some time answering your questions too. I give you credit since you are not a hypocrite.

    Mr. Yusha, please tell us why the Christians and Jews dominate the world today? Surely they must be doing something right?

    – They do a lot of things that are not done here. People in the West don’t have 12 kids, they use condoms, they mind their own business, girls are not forced into marriage, wives are not thought of as baby producing machines, they can divorce their husband whenever they want, their is law enforcement etc.

    “Can you name one Muslim who gives as much charity as Bill Gates?”

    – I can’t. But that is because no one has as much money as Bill Gates.

    “One reason of course is that they don’t blame black magic for their problems, like you do.”

    – I don’t blame problems on Black Magic. It is one of those things that exists here but not so much in the West. eg. men make their wives pregnant every year here but not in the West. Overpopulation is causing a lot of problems here. We can blame a lot of problems on overpopulation. Now, it doesn’t exist in the West. Would you go ahead and say that any Pakistani who blames Pakistans problems on overpopulation is a moron because it doesn’t exist in the West or because it doesn’t exist among educated people?

  3. The plain reason for the problems muslims face collectively and indivisually is sins.Muslims face new problems and difficulties daily. Now and again, reports of untold oppression and barbarism against muslims are received. Their lives and property are destroyed and yet they keep indulging in sins.

    Time and again, muslims are crushed by disasters and calamities and their laments, complaints and wailing never ends. When their shortcomings are pointed out to them, they remain ignorant. No one bothers to reform themselves. No one bothers to avoid those destructive sins and crimes that are the direct source of their misery and suffering.

    And then we have people like Fuad who come with the deadly combination of a small brain and a big ego who start indulging in vulgarity abuse and name calling when the truth is slapped in their face.

  4. Prophet Mohammad on his journey to meraj saw that something was going up and something was coming down. When he asked Jibrail the reply was that the amaal of your ummah are going up and Allah’s decisions for your ummah according to those amaal are coming down.

    Your big ego makes you think that whatever little knowlegde you have is correct and everyone else is wrong. When your ‘bright’ ideas are slapped with the truth your big ego starts hurting and you start all the abuse and name calling.

  5. “Yusha, I would first like to address your insulting remark. your hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.”

    – Everyone here who has read your comments in other posts knows that your mind is a gutter. I only choose the word hypocrite not to insult you but because it fits you perfectly. You on the other hand indulge in abuse and name calling. You are showing your hypocrisy again. You started of by adressing my ‘insulting remark’, It shows that you get offended very quickly and show it without any shame. This is for someone who cannot write two sentences without abuse and name calling! How shameless can you get?

    “If your simplistic idea were true, the taliban would still be in power. After all they were true implementers of sharia law”

    – Again your ignorance is highlighted. Taliban forced Islam on people and Islam is not about force. I have mentioned being against Taliban a few times in my earlier comments and posts. Islam is someting that a person chooses to practice. It is the power of eman that makes a person follow Islam. It is the leaving of sins that makes a person follow Islam. It is not force.

  6. Yusha, I would first like to address your insulting remark. your hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. I’m sure other readers think the same. You call me ignorant, yet provide NOT ONE REASON, NEVER MIND A SINGLE IOTA OF PROOF.I think everyone would appreciat at least a reason! Knowing you though, you will probably come up with some stupid idiotic thought, and call it “proof”. Yes, we know how you operate.

    As for your comment, ignoramus, you think you’re the only one here who knows that hadith? get off your high horse loser, like I said in a previous post, you are at the stage right now, where you know a bit more than the layman, but not quite enought to know how little you really know about Islam, life, the world around you, etc.

    you said: “History bears ample testimony to the fact that so long as the muslims continued to uphold the Quran and ahadith in their daily lives, empires crumbled at their feet.”

    Ummm….The principle you mentioned here is correct (which you probably read in a book or heard in a friday khutba, and are repeating here like a parrot without any rational thought, your not capable of that) But oh Great and Knowledgeable one, are you aware that for most of Islamic history, there were two sets of laws in force? Sharia law in principle, but the king’s personal whim and rule in practice. This is almost without exception. The moguls, the mamluks, ummayad, abbasid, osmani, etc etc etc. Yet they conquered. Now dont get me wrong, the principle you mentioned of rule according to Quran and sunnah is right, but its never been the cause of Islamic glory since the rule of the first 5 rightly guided caliphs. Since then its been proper preparation and right circumstances. If your simplistic idea were true, the taliban would still be in power. After all they were true implementers of sharia law, in a place where it would’ve worked more than anywhere else. Heck, they were even your fellow deobandis! But alas, there is more to it than what you’ve mentioned here.

    I would just like to point out once more for the benefit of everyone, Yusha has no brain or original thought. You can clearly tell, he didn’t think the issue through like the rest of us, instead his real concern is that people look up to him as some sort of authority. What a loser. He read some hadith in a book (its actually a well known hadith) puts his own spin on it, and says, here is the solution! And if someone disagrees, he can feel good with himself about how hes “Iman wala” while the dissenter is obviously a secular kafir, and will burn in hell of course. L. O. L.

  7. I was saying that our leaders are sellouts. And their counterparts in the west look out for their peoples interests, not becuase they (Bush, Blair, etc) are good people, but because they will be held accountable. So yes you’re right Lakhani, that is what i meant, maybe I should’ve worded it correctly. Also, of course an educated populace would provide that system of checks and balances that will keep the leadership in line. But its a chicken and egg situation. Which comes first? An educated populace emerging out of nothing by itself? Not happening. No one is coordinating, organizing, funding the sort of mass education campaigns needed. Those people that do get educated in our countries head for the exit as quickly as they can. The critical mass needed just never materializes.

    South Korea set out to transform their country from an agarian, peasant based country to the economic hightech powerhouse it is today. They took 25 years. This was a highly centralized and controlled campaign. People dont realize how regimented and controlling a sociey S Korea is, even today. But thats what it took and once the universities that were established started churning out the trained professionals, it took a quarter of a century before those trained individuals transformed the country. But the thing is, it took leadership. That leadership is key. It doesnt exist today. Because they are criminals, taking care of number one, rather than anyone else. If some courageous and honourable individual does manage to get in power (how?) he/she then has to reign in all the competing interests (domestic predatory elite, and foreign “friends” like US). Very unlikely. So it seems we will be stuck in this cycle. Form an Islamic perspective, we await Imam Mahdi.

  8. Mr. Yusha, please tell us why the Christians and Jews dominate the world today? Surely they must be doing something right? Can you name one Muslim who gives as much charity as Bill Gates? One reason of course is that they don’t blame black magic for their problems, like you do.


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