Why IT Enrollment is low in Pakistan?

Especially in terms of education, we are a herd. We always pursue the degree which is pursued by the majority. We always strive to get admission in the institute, which is getting the most application. We really don’t see to our passion, our tendencies, and our own likings. When it comes to education, we think like a crowd.

In Pakistan, there have been ages of degrees. Many years back, engineering was hot, and everybody wanted to be an engineer. Then came the fashion of business education, and suddenly everybody was eyeing the degree of bachelors or masters in business administration. After a while, the boom of Information Technology took everybody by storm, and mushrooms of colleges and universities offering IT degree popped up every where and they were full of IT-degree aspiring students.

Nowadays, IT lure has gone to the back benches and the enticement of business administration has come back. The same IT institutes which were offering IT degrees, couple of months back, now offering business degrees and claim to be the best. Interestingly enough, they all are getting the full admissions in business classes. The enrollment in IT courses is all time low.

Why is it so? Why there is a decline in interest of students in the IT courses? Is it sheerly due to the fact that everybody follows the crowd or is it something else? Let us reflect on this, and I will be back with my thoughts upon this in next blog.

1 thought on “Why IT Enrollment is low in Pakistan?”

  1. like other fashions, people choose the field that every other is taking up even if they have no sense. So there are many people with the same field and so congestions starts from here. When people are more and less jobs for the same field, the enrollment starts falling off in the subject. Same is the case with IT. Even there is a great need for IT.
    And YES everyone follows the crowd, people have no thoughts of their own


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